154CM was a tad surprising to me at first, but I think Benchmade is trying to reach a wide audience with this blade without sacrificing its menacing appearance and experience. In 2017, Benchmade somewhat quietly released the Bugout and it was a hit from day one. Total Weight: 3.88 ounces. Handle Composition: G10 I bet all your friends already own one. These work by pinning two angled torsion bars against the tang of the knife that creates more tension on the blade as it’s closed. On internet forums and in chats amongst friends, the Bugout has joined the Griptilian and Paramilitary series as perhaps the ‘Easiest to Recommend’ knife for new knife guys. This is the most perfect everyday blade you can buy. Blade Composition: CPM-20CV This is the knife made for the outdoorsman who wants that classic outdoor knife appeal combined with industry-leading versatility and durability. Total Length: 9.3” Blade Length: 3.08” Blade Style:  Trailing-Point / Clip-Point / Scimitar Throughout the list, I’ll provide my thoughts on our favorite Benchmade knives across several different categories and throughout both fixed and folding knives in those categories if applicable. That point is very strong and plenty capable of penetration while the belly has a ton of slashing real-estate along with a very nasty serration near the handle that is open and easily utilized against an assailant. My Review: The Benchmade Fact reminds me of a classy limousine in the knife world. My Review: The Benchmade Bugout is a classic and has been around for quite some time. Before we jump into discussing the beautiful pieces of sharp and pointy steel offered by one of our favorite companies, you need to know the pros and cons of each blade shape as well as the steel they are made of. Handle Composition: Diamond Textured G10 My Review: This knife feels a lot like what I’d expect James Bond to flip out of his hidden jacket pocket once he runs out of ammo pewpewing bad guys. Blade Composition: CPM-3V What this program really is, is a service for those of us too busy or lazy to sit down and properly maintain our knives. As a last tidbit here, when you grab yourself the Nimravus you also get a very well made MOLLE compatible sheath. Alright, it’s not that bad. When testing deployment and lockup, I try to open and close a knife 30 times as quickly as I possibly can. Don’t worry! Benchmade calls this a hunting knife and yeah, I could understand that, but really, I think this is more of just a flat out awesome design that’s refreshing and unique to the usable and functional fixed blade industry. October 14, 2020 24 Likes 14 Shares The Benchmade Bugout has long been one of the community’s top picks for EDCing a folding knife because of its superior ergonomics, rock-solid AXIS lock, and use of high quality materials throughout. All images on our website are the property of their respective owners. The 15003-1 comes with a black molded Kydex style sheath that, in my opinion, would last longer and likely give you a bit more value. A final note here, most Benchmade clips are not compatible with the Anthem and the Anthem’s clip is not compatible with any other Benchmade knife I’ve reviewed. Blade Length: 2.97” For the 2020 holiday season, returnable items shipped between October 1 and December 31 can be returned until January 31, 2021. Blade Length: 3.6” The Bugout is a really great knife, but pocket jewelry it ain’t. SHOP Benchmade Bugout > Bugout Ranger Green 535 GRY-1 ... Benchmade Blackout Bugout new. Understanding the shape and the steel of your future blade will be the largest deciding factor of how the blade behaves when used in your specific environment and situations! Total Length: 7.87” The second thing you might notice is the saw teeth on the back of the blade. The Grivory handles ensure the knife stays close to that ultra-light 2oz mark while still ensuring that the deadly Tanto blade is well supported when utilized. These knives do not require a lot of attention or maintenance, they don’t whimper in the face of harsh elements or heavy usage, and they simply get the job done every single time. I’d argue that this is an excellent knife for someone looking in the premium folding Tanto section. All four knives have a different feel and design, along with pros and cons. Blade Length: 3.7” This is the last self defense knife on this list, but we have an entire guide dedicated to self defense knives here if you’re interested. Blade Composition: CPM-S90V The real reason for such a high score in this category, is the budding mod community for the Benchmade Bugout. Feb 8, 2020 #1 Curious. This particular steel is especially strong in terms of tensile strength which allows this knife to be heavily abused and put through the wringer whether you’re a camper, fisherman, or using the knife to work. I’d say if you’re torn between the two, don’t let strength be the deciding factor, as I believe this knife will most certainly fit the bill no matter the task. There's never a dull moment with a Benchmade... That's right! It is namely the perfect knife for anyone who loves small EDC knives. As I mentioned before, Benchmade has released this knife in tons of different colors and styles and if that 3.24” blade is a little too long for your Bugout loadout, I’d strongly recommend giving the Mini Bugout 533 a look as well which can be found here. Recommended to you based on your activity and what's popular • Feedback The Bugout makes hay as a refined, mid-sized EDC folder at an impossibly petite weight. My Review: The Benchmade Griptilian is one of the most well-known multi-purpose folders in their lineup and this is due to its versatility-first approach. Total Weight: 4.7 ounces – 5.13 ounces (Varies depending on options). For a better look at the Benchmade Bugout check out our video overview where we take a close look at its materials, workmanship and action. Benchmade Mini Bugout. Sitting stock, the Benchmade Bugout is an absolute home run. Blade Length: 3.5” D2 tool steel is specifically engineered to survive a beating and that’s what this blade is capable of doing. I won’t lie to you, these aren’t exactly the saw-teeth you’d want for camping or outdoor use, but they will cause wounds that a normal drop-point would never be able to cause, ensuring your assailant is immobilized and you are free to carry on. It’s my mountain bike short knife. For more information about us or joining the team, check out the “About Us” tab. Utilitarian through and through, this knife is ready for action from the workshop to the campsite and beyond. We offer a 14-day return window on this product, however the buyer is responsible for return shipping costs, so please bid wisely. In a world where every ounce matters, the Bugout fits somewhere between a snack size bag of chips and a 2-pack of Twinkies from your local 7-11 at less than 2 oz. I know, I’ve put this knife in the EDC section and it certainly works as an excellent EDC, but with how incredibly light it is, I actually really like this knife for what its name suggests – Bugout. Blade Length: 3.38” Total Weight: 3.46 ounces. 940-2001 To celebrate twenty years in production, the Warren Osborne-designed Benchmade 940 will see a special re-release: the 940-2001. Total Length: 7.38” 154CM is extremely well-rounded, not really excelling in any one category but providing an overall balance between durability, corrosion resistance, edge retention, and sharpening difficulty. Flipping this open with one hand quickly becomes second nature and is, in my opinion, more satisfying than even some of the best assisted-opening knives. The original Freek, the 560, isn’t available new anymore from what I understand and since the new version, the 560-1, encompasses CPM-M4 steel instead of what was previously used, that’s why this version is dubbed the “Super Freek”, even though it’s not technically called that by Benchmade. The CF-Elite Bugout is a full-sized Bugout with upgraded handle scales made with a new carbon fiber infused polymer. Total Length: 8.03” What You Should Know About Benchmade’s Lifesharp Program, Mini Bugout 533 a look as well which can be found here, Check out the beautifully crafted hand-built Damasteel Foray here, check out the Mini Freek found at this link here, Check out the Barrage that went on a diet here at this link, 15085-2 Mini Crooked River a look here at this link, Benchmade 15080BK Crooked River Gold Class, double-sided spear-point can be found here, For example, the Benchmade Bugout 535-191 Gold Class edition, Benchmade’s Gold Class custom built blades here, Best Knife Steels and How to Choose The Right Type (with Comparison Charts), 18 Best Throwing Knives in 2020 (Reviews and Buying Guide), 23 Best Tactical Backpacks in 2020 (All Price Ranges), 22 Best Tactical Pens in 2020 (Reviews and Buying Guide), 34 Best Fixed Blade Knives in 2020 (Reviews and Buying Guide). These models leverage material changes to alter the performance of the basic chassis they’re built on. My Review: The North Fork is sold as a folding hunting knife and although it certainly fits the bill, I also think many people can benefit from the overall versatility and toughness this knife provides in an EDC role. Blade Composition: CPM-S30V In order to compare them all side-by-side, we’ve created this guide encompassing each and every one of our favorites. My Review: The Benchmade Grizzly Creek is essentially the folding version of the Benchmade Saddle Mountain series and I’m glad we get to choose between the two or get both if that’s what you’re into. If you like your Freeks on the small side, check out the Mini Freek found at this link here. Part fitment is excellent. Blade Composition: 154CM The Axis Lock comes integrated with three different action flavors: Axis Assist, Axis Automatic, and Axis Dual-Action Automatic. Handle Composition: G10 I like both knives, but the Mini Bugout is even thinner and lighter. Now, the Fact wouldn’t exactly end up at the forefront of an EDC list or really on any list, however, I’m in love! Corporal Wabo is a former Infantry Squad Leader with 3rd Bn 4th Marines that specialized in Mortars. Total Length: 8.46” The Barrage family is a set of beautiful knives that are raw and dutiful by nature. Blade Style: Drop-Point It offers a clean and simple design that has been streamlined for EDC comfort and efficiency. The Bugout’s blade is a 3.24” Drop Point designed for any daily cutting tasks you put in front of it. The gut hook is exceptionally sharp and perfectly angled so that it slides right through skin and hair like you’re slicing paper. Specifically, we will not inspect, clean, repair or replace any parts for a modified knife as we do with our standard LifeSharp Service. The assisted opening mechanism Benchmade uses is on a whole other level from the industry standard and the secondary locking mechanism ensures there is no accidental deployment of that ultra-sharp and ultra lethal spear point. Huge selection. That said, it's more than capable of handling any everyday task you throw at it. This dude Steve Tarani designed the Aileron with a, get this, Tarani Two-handed opening mechanism, that’s meant to ensure no accidental opening while traveling through our lower atmosphere. Handle Composition: Textured G10 OTF knives are pretty cool and Benchmade does a fantastic job designing them, however, I think the Infidel shines best as a true fixed blade as the very nature of the blade is based on combat and tactical usage. My Review: The Turret has been a Marine Approved favorite since it came out and that’s due to the fact that this knife is an absolute monster no matter how you use it. My Review: The Puukko 200 is a Scandinavian inspired general use utility knife with a fixed blade consisting of CPM-3V. Handle Composition: Skeletonized 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum I will note, when these do go dull (after ridiculous amounts of use) they can be a bit tricky to sharpen, but as with everything, patience is a virtue and so long as you keep these knives in tip-top shape, they’ll glide right through anything you hunt. Polymer handle scales. Going into my testing of the Bugout, I was honestly lacking excitement. Are Benchmade Knives Worth the Expensive Price Tag? While that large selection to choose from is great, most of our readers aren’t going to pony up thousands of dollars to buy and test them all. Before doing this review, I looked at 50+ individual knives. My Review: Oh boy Benchmade does not normally make large blades but when they do, you get something capable of fighting off the Taliban all by yourself. My Review: The Grizzly Ridge is essentially the same knife as the Grizzly Creek but with an arguably better handle. The Griptilian doesn’t exactly exude fashion or style but what it does do is get the job done. Avoiding counterfeit Benchmade knives. Need more info? It’s so smooth that I can’t help but to open it each and every time I pull it out! Do they make it in ‘Blade HQ Blue’? Bugout 535BK-2 Quality and performance are key. Where the blade meets the handles on the inside is covered by steel liners, ensuring the handles cant bow or bend and eliminating the flex you see in cheaper plastic-based handles. If you don’t have a good sharpener, I recommend you buy one alongside your purchase as you will undoubtedly need one. Total Length: 7.03” That type of performance can only be matched by the Compression Lock on Spyderco knives. Furthermore, you can find this knife with a wood or G10 handle which actually changes the appearance and feel of the overall knife significantly, so choose wisely. Blade Style: Drop-Point What about Benchmade knives that don’t have the AXIS features? Let’s talk about some of the best technologies they’ve designed and implemented over the years. My Review: First and foremost, the Saddle Mountain is more of a lineup of knives that just a single knife itself. If breaking folding knives is a concern of yours, look to Benchmade! How does it stack up to the classics like the 940 and Griptilian? Related posts Boker Knives: A Brief History. Of course, if whipping this terrifying thing out doesn’t scare off your attacker, it is just as easily used in disabling an attacker as it weighs nearly 6 ounces, hosts a very deadly reverse-tanto with a tight point, and is massive, coming in just under 10” when unfolded. Blade Style: Ringed Dagger Blade Composition: CPM-3V Strap this baby on with its included Boltaron sheath and you’ll hardly notice it’s there until you spring the Altitude into action. Total Weight: 4.76 ounces. Total Weight: 3.52 ounces. My Review: Benchmade seems to love making little one-off designed utility tools and this would be the case for the Aller 380. I would have loved to see a slightly more premium steel here, but we’ll discuss that at greater length down the line. Blade Style: Tanto People on the forums love to trash Benchmade. Published May 27, 2020 by Ben Brooks. Total Weight: 1.85 ounces. My Review: Benchmade made things quite easy by aptly naming this bad boy a simple and sweet “EDC”. Glass breaker, rescue hook, lanyard hole, drop-point with three different serrated or fine edge options, super light but durable G10 resin-soaked fiberglass body, and the ever so loved AXIS locking mechanism. Have some money burning a hole in your pockets and you need something that your buddies are sure to gawk at? Blade Style: Double-Sided Spear-Point Having a thinner profile, the .09” thick blade slices through paper and cardboard with ease. And lastly, Benchmade has a reputation and that’s it. They will then sharpen the blade back to its original factory specs and then perform a deep clean and shine on each and every part. I don’t even feel it. My Review: The Foray is a “get the job done” well rounded little pocket knife that I think anyone could get some seriously good usage and value out of. The Benchmade Bugout is pure 100% utilitarian practicality, and there wasn’t any room to pack on the flash. Shop Today! I believe this is due to state by state restrictions on double-edged blades and of course, they can’t hold inventory that fits each and every state’s laws independently. Check out the beautifully crafted hand-built Damasteel Foray here. Benchmade is comparable to Bentley in the knife world and a brand like that is simply going to come with a premium for the name. Blade Length: 3.6” This is one of the best customer care programs any knife company in the market has to offer right now. Join the cool kids club and get yourself a Bugout! With a stock thickness of just 0.09”, and a length of 3.24”, the blade on the Bugout is well suited for cutting tasks galore. This website is not affiliated with the United States Marine Corps, and the information on this website does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Marine Corps as a whole. Like I mentioned above, with the rise in popularity of the Bugout, companies like Flytanium have caught on. The first thing you might notice is the lack of scales. CPM-S30V, a Benchmade favorite stainless steel to use in their premium blades, is more than strong enough to slide right through bones and will hold an edge for many outdoor adventures. It was loud, and those buying it were even louder. Blade Length: 3.22” When the Benchmade Bugout came out, it was an immediate hit. Knife Life is all about representing your personality and passion through the knife you carry in your pocket everyday. This is one knife that even a Marine wouldn’t stand much chance against. I won’t lie, it is a little heavy for those of you forgoing long treks, however, that weight is due to how solid and reliable the crooked river is while providing premium attributes such as that beautifully sealed wood grain handle and its ultra-strong AXIS lock. This knife is a tad bit heavier for its size than what I would normally carry, however, the classic design is exactly what a lot of people are searching for in an EDC and as I said, it’s versatility can rival any of the top EDC knives around today. It’s kind of a difficult question to answer. The bugout is too flimsy for me personally. This doesn't change the fact, however, that we welcome the Mini Bugout! I’d say a mix of covertness, lethality, and fast deployment make for a pretty solid tactical platform, wouldn’t you? Blade Length: 4.4” My Review: As with many self-defense situations, sometimes a little deterrence in the form of striking the fear of death in someone’s eyes is all you need and I think that’s what Benchmade was going for when they designed the ominous-looking Contego. My Review: This knife isn’t for everybody, that’s for sure, however, if you’re an avid hunter who would rather expend energy on the actual hunt itself as opposed to getting to your stomping grounds, this may be an alternative worth considering. Im in the minority though apparently, since Benchmade sells those overpriced little blue knives like hotcakes. Handle Composition: Resin Filled Wood Grain For such a lightweight knife, I would expect the Bugout to be much better at slicing. Make no mistake, the glass-filled nylon handles found here are excellent and is one of the major reasons why this knife can be offered at such a low price. Total Weight: 7.72 ounces. $200 for probably the best spear-point assisted folder consisting of CPM-S30V steel is actually a pretty good deal if you really enjoy this type of thing. Total Length: 8.06” You might be asking yourself, there are so many factors to consider, how could you ever choose just one? These are among the strongest blades Benchmade makes and so long as you’re up to the task of taking care of them, they will perform excellently and will provide you with best-in-class usage and longevity. Typically, I wouldn’t ever recommend something like this to someone new to handling knives but this little kit is an excellent way to introduce a dagger style knife for self-defense. Total Length: 8.07” When you need a blade that is rigid, powerful, and ready to rock and roll when you need it most, the 154CM 4.5” fixed Tanto is the tried and true fighters knife. Blade Style: Reverse-Tanto The spring-loaded characteristics are made possible by utilizing two omega springs custom-built in-house at Benchmade that push the locking bar into place when the tang of the blade exceeds their allotted tension. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, hiking, running, shooting guns, and reviewing gear. These are the fastest and least requiring effort to open and use a spring to flip the knife out immediately. Need a little bit more information about the Benchmade Bugout? Over prolonged use in wet conditions, I think it could create a nasty hot spot. Its a $20 difference. Want something lightweight? You can actually get the same drop-point attributes with further controllability in tight situations. Benchmade Knife Company, Inc. warrants to the original owner that Benchmade knives purchased from authorized dealers will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. My Review: Taking a more stealthy and slimline approach as opposed to the Contego, the Bailout is designed for exactly what its name implies. Grivory is basically a super hard plastic that Benchmade used for this knife due to its lightness without sacrificing rigidity.

The 2.44 oz. With that said, buy the heck out of this thing. A future revamp with upgraded blade steel and titanium scales from Flytanium would put this knife in rare air. Good warranty? By the way, Nimravus is the genus name of a long-extinct ancient saber-toothed cat that was known for its massive and ultra deadly dagger-shaped teeth, certainly a big cat you’d only want to encounter if you had the knife inspired by it’s most lethal attributes. Total Weight: 5.28 ounces. Total Weight: 3.77 ounces. By using this site, you accept our. The downside to the Bugout to many people is the slightly flexible polymer handles. Total Weight: 4.24 ounces. Blade Length: 4.52” The idea here was to give the users more options and enable both automatic and manual use. My Review: The Anthem 781, to many, is just a pretty piece of expensive metal and that’s unfortunate because I think this knife is far better than most people realize. Benchmade has some beautiful and highly functional blades that cost $500 or more, but I would be worried about carrying and losing an EDC that expensive, so for me, the Bugout or Griptilian makes a lot more sense for an EDC. Something that really sets the Axis mechanisms apart from the rest is how strong they are. When the Benchmade Bugout dropped in early 2017, it’s no exaggeration to say it took the world by storm. Benchmade doesn’t make a whole lot of spear-point folders but when they do, they cost an arm and a leg and probably result in a bit of hot temperament come checkbook balancing day with your significant other. It checks all the boxes for an excellent EDC knife by utilizing high quality long lasting S30V steel, a drop-point that is technically a bit modified as it has a slight recurve within its belly, and your choice of either a sealed woodgrain finish or the ever so popular G10 handles.