Electrify NZ are New Zealand's electric bike specialists. Faraday-inspired force flings BMW C evolution from 0-50kmh in 2.7 seconds. That’s because our kiwi engineers have specified a motor controller that outperforms the others, and because our thumb throttle will deliver full power regardless of which pedal assist level you’re in. It’s just so much fun going. In the interest of clarity, let's call electric bikes (those that retain pedals) E-bikes for the rest of this feature, and electrically powered motorcycles (those that have no need for human leg muscle assistance) E-motos. Up to 300% of perfectly delivered support, incredible dynamism and grip provide the best possible support from the highway to the streets. Electric bikes made by kiwis for kiwis. "A 50cc scooter will cost about three grand while its electric-powered equivalent would be seven grand (if imported and sold here)," says multi-franchise motorcycle distributor, Ian Beckhaus. Harley Livewire still under development, but NZ dealers are keen to sell it. Discover the e-bike smile, it's a sinch! Trek Electra brand ... You’re looking at the New Zealand / English Trek Bicycle website. It’s. Wi-Bike range goes on sale in NZ in July. Price: NZ$1100. Is it that motorcycles are perceived as being more dangerous than bicycles, despite a British study finding them to be 30 times safer in terms of the number of injuries sustained per the number of kilometres travelled? Featuring a super soft seat, adjustable and upright ride position and Shimano's powerful STEPS electric drive system supplying electric assist up to 32kph for NZ models or … Check It Out Here. The GEN7 sets a new bar in the electric motorbike world with a 72v battery, getting up to a 100-mile range. Wattwheels New Zealand has a great range of affordable electric bikes and electric trikes from a 100% NZ owned company. With an easy step-through … The top speed in calm, flat conditions is 45kmh. The rear suspension means this bike can handle mountain biking terrain, while the lights, fenders and carrier means that it can be used in a much wider range of … The most silent-running BMW motorcycle/scooter would cost approximately $20,000 if imported here. A Kiwi company that makes electric motorbikes originally developed for the farm, is now taking things to the battlefield. Thanks to the team at Black Sheep Trading Ltd. They were so, helpful, fixed it up in no time at all and I’m sure they had bigger/better things to work on. After sales support is responsive and well informed. Looking for a foldaway electric bike for your work commute or an entry-level model for cruising city streets? Electric motorcycles for e-bike motocross events or New Zealand city streets With ultra-light frames and cutting-edge suspension, our Sur-Ton electric dirt motorbikes give you the freedom to tackle any terrain. Wi-Bike's electric motor can power you for up to 125km on a single charge. What started as a means of commuting in Auckland and Wellington as spread nationwide. Thanks to the team at Black Sheep Trading Ltd. just so much fun going to work now. In stock. The full range of OSET electric trial, motocross and dirt bikes. With flat handlebars, narrower tyres and a racier riding position, they’re faster and more comfortable than city bikes… "A 50cc scooter will cost about three grand while its electric-powered equivalent would be seven grand (if … You may have noticed that electrically assisted bicycles are now a dime a dozen in cycle shops across the country, so it's a surprise that more Kiwis don't see electric motorcycles as an even better solution to their personal mobility needs. The Freeride has become the recreational dirt bike of choice on the continent because it completely skids around the noise pollution issue, while the C evolution scored a couple of high-profile fleet sales deals in May. There'll be 10 levels of electric assistance to choose from and three riding modes, including one for fitness. "We'd then have to invest tens of thousands of dollars in technical support, and the demand just isn't there to justify it… yet. It was no problem to send it to the North Island. Proudly NZ owned and operated, Evo Cycles has more than 20 stores nationwide. All bikes have powerful Bo ... read more. Electric bikes are quickly growing in popularity around New Zealand. Evo Cycles is New Zealand's leading bike shop. Gears: 7 Speed. Cake Kalk& Energica … Zero SR/S. It's a great machine, perfect for my daily commute into Auckland CBD and back - powerful, comfortable and solid. Some established motorcycle brands now have electric-powered models on sale in offshore markets but it appears that the New Zealand distributors of these brands have yet to be convinced that there is a market here for them. We deliver throughout New Zealand. Electricked Specializes In Electric Bikes, Electric Scooters and Golf Carts (golf karts) at great prices Contrast this to electric bike importers, who now are upping their order volumes to meet the demand of a personal mobility segment that is expanding rapidly here. Black Sheep offer this model at fantastic value in comparison with the cost of its direct peers. Electric Motorbikes The utility dual electric drive motorbike that will re-define the way you work outdoors. You have a sweet bicycle at your disposal when you have the Aventon Pace 500 EBike.… It appears that Italy's largest motorcycle maker has decided that the E-bike is a better bet than the E-moto. "The bicycle is far lighter and therefore there is no need for range (you can simply pedal it home if the battery runs out). The power stored in lithium-ion battery of the Wi-Bike can provide up to 125km of electrically-assisted travel in optimum riding scenarios. On purchasing the scooter – Luke set it to auto start as I can’t kick start. Both these latter machines are proving popular with European consumers. With its lightweight ‘SuperX’ frame and powerful, near silent motors, the 2×2 gives you bulletproof control for all your off-road adventures. Buy your electric bike online or visit us in store in Christchurch. With 10 models available to suit children of all ages. A Kiwi company which powered onto the electric bike market six years ago, recently sold out of its newly launched 2022 range. Electric Bikes; Electric bikes charge ahead for those who work in town and country stuff.co.nz - LAWRENCE GULLERY. Bringing kiwis ebikes with a new level of reliability, design smarts, unbeatable value, support and choice. Competition proven, safe and fun. It's a great machine, perfect for my daily commute into Auckland CBD and back - powerful, comfortable and solid. Cake Kalk INK. , I have had my new Sonic 2000 scooter for just over a week now and I must say its awesome. A very happy customer. The Discovery-E Low is built for comfort. The Chacana is a full suspension electric mountain bike from the renowned Austrian company, KTM Bike Industries. Black Sheep offers a selection of the best electric bikes for sale in New Zealand. Polaris introduces electric motorcycle, beating Harley-Davidson to market, World's most powerful electric motorcycle, Taking the electric Zero FX off-road is sneaky, silent fun, US Military's stealth motorcycles are as quiet as an electric toothbrush, 'Trail of Tiers' Trelise Cooper dress slammed as 'height of total insensitivity', Road blocked as crane truck topples while lifting building, 'Mars, here we come': Elon Musk's SpaceX Starship explodes on impact, Woman 'cut like a cheese grater' by glass left at the end of playground slide, America's Cup: United States team officially withdraw, Christmas behind bars with no charge, and no release date, Mt Ruapehu bus crash inquest: 'Bright, beautiful' girl remembered by family, Quiz: Afternoon trivia challenge: December 10, 2020, Whangārei's elusive rogue go-kart driver could 'easily cause damage', US mum gives birth, then dies of Covid before holding him. Backed by thirteen years of innovation and iteration, Zero Motorcycles possess an unprecedented combination of industry-leading power, traction and revolutionary “smart bike” technology. Try before you buy from our quiet (no exit street) and cycle-friendly NEV. New In. For me the wider board and double suspension make the difference to my freedom. Our high-spec hard-tail mountain bike with the widely praised Bafang MaxDrive motor which delivers 80 newton-metres of torque (turning force). But why aren't E-motos more accepted here, where electric vehicles have an opportunity to have a bigger impact on the environment thanks to our ability to generate more 80 per cent of our power needs from renewable sources? (2) Superior reliability. (1) Superior performance. We deliver throughout New Zealand. K. F, 5 stars Luke, Dale and the crew were exceptionally helpfull in supplying me with a new electric scooter. A battery range of 100km is considered not enough for a motorcycle but it's more than enough for an electrically-assisted bicycle.". Our City Cruiser E-bikes are ideal for cruising through town, the government gardens, along the lakefront geothermal trail and around the outskirts of the Redwoods forest. I required the scooter as I have mobility, issues and a “normal disability sit down scooter” wouldn’t work for me as my injury means I struggle to sit. Available in volcanic red or charcoal. All our electric motorcycles are competition proven and have won multiple youth championships around the world … Electric bikes shipped throughout New Zealand. We are an independent ebike dealership specialising in electric bikes, trikes and conversions suitable for Dunedin and all riders. "You can travel for quite some distance on all the petrol that difference will buy you.". I took delivery of my new Sonic 2000 the day before we went to Level 4, so it sat, tantalisingly in the garage for weeks. Black Sheep Trading 2B 485 Papanui Road Papanui Christchurch 8053, © | Copyright Black Sheep Trading Ltd | Site By Market My Company, I have had my new Sonic 2000 scooter for just over a week now and I must say its awesome. HYBRID Bikes use the clever BAFANG MM G33, 300 Watt motor for superior torque and speed with reduced weight. 19kW Hub Motor With a maximum torque of 116.6 Nm, Evoke’s unique hub motor is the ideal drive for ambitious and demanding riders. My 6 year old daughter and I popped in here a week ago, her little scooter was off balance and playing up. For Ponsonby Vespa dealer, Chris Hyland, there is a simple reason that the E-bike is beating the E-moto in the battle for the hearts and minds of those who wish to ride a zero-emission two-wheeled vehicle. Most in the motorcycle industry are quick to point out an inconvenient truth about E-motos – that their petrol-powered equivalents continue to out-trump them on cost-effectiveness. From the beginning of working out suitability Luke was consistently patient and supportive with my questions and talked through everything to ensure the scooter safety with my disability. We have nine stores nationwide covering Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Nelson Christchurch … Compare the 630 watt-hour battery size. See a review of the Bafang motor by Consumer Reports NZ. For the latest models, including a legal road version, check out our online range. "In many cases new E-moto brands are the innovators. Ten levels of assistance, including one for fitness. NZ's PREMIER SUPPLIER OF EBIKES The Electric Bike Team has everything you need to enjoy your city on two wheels! Electric Scooters or E-Scooters are taking the world by Storm... see what we did there :) Check out our Guide to the Best Electric Scooters NZ. Wheels: 20 Inch. I took delivery of my new Sonic 2000 the day before we went to Level 4, so it sat tantalisingly in the garage, for weeks. For the latest models, including a legal road version, check out our online range. The best electric trial, motocross and dirt bikes available for children and kids aged 3 - 18 and beyond. E Scooters are the future, they are cost effective, practical, convenient, and look bloody awesome. . ELECTRIC BIKES RIDE AWAY ON YOUR E-BIKE TODAY WE ARE A HOME BASED COMPANY IMPORTING DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER AND HAVE BEEN OPERATING SUCCESSFULLY, NOW IN OUR EIGHTH YEAR, SELLING TOP QUALITY ELECTRIC BIKES AND ACCESSORIES AT VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES ALL OVER NEW ZEALAND Black Sheep is New Zealand’s leading retailer of Electric Scooters, offering a fantastic selection of high quality and competitively priced Electric Scooters, Electric bikes and Hoverboards, suitable for riders of all ages and abilities. So friendly!! Dunedin Electric Bikes. Search search close. E-Rider City Mini. We’re challenging ourselves to help kiwis disrupt old routines and live a more active lifestyle through cycling. One of those proponents is Sheldon Nesdale, owner of the website loveelectricmotorcycles.com. Wish their shop was in Tauranga! With ultra-light frames and cutting-edge suspension, our Sur-Ton electric dirt motorbikes give you the freedom to tackle any terrain. Speed: Up to 30km/h. The urban police forces of Barcelona and Sardinia's Cagliari, have both adopted the plugged-up Beemers as their latest cross-town pursuit vehicles, signing off what are thought to be the first fleet supply contracts to be granted to purely electric-powered motorcycles. "But the proponents of electric motorcycles are doing an exceptional job of promoting them, and that's why we're watching any developments closely.". What was also great was the follow up care of their customers. $4,195.00. A very happy customer. Motorcycle importer Urban Moto has inked an agreement with electric motorbike maker Super SOCO to bring its nimble all-electric bikes to Australia and New Zealand, starting next year. Don’t worry. Recreational, hybrid or commuter bikes are the do-everything bike, covering a wide variety of riding from daily commuting, to weekend rides on rail trails, to longer “fitness” rides. Electric Bikes NZ ltd was established in 2006 and now has its head office in Auckland. These electric bikes come equipped with pedal assist and a throttle to make your riding experience as leisurely as you like. What makes MeloYelo e-bikes different from the rest? Black Sheep offer this model at fantastic value in comparison with the cost of its direct peers. With a huge range of mountain bikes, electric bikes, road bikes, kids bikes and more, you'll be sure to find a bike that suits your needs and budget. Smart electric motorcycles for the next generation of riders. Traverse MD (Mid-drive) Electric Mountain Bike. We have steadily grown to now carry the largest Dealer Network of any eBike brand in NZ with stores in most towns and cities throughout NZ. Find our best electric bikes including electric mountain bikes, electric hybrid bikes and electric road bikes, and an electric bike shop near you! After sales support is responsive and well informed. He sees the E-moto sector as an opportunity for new start-up brands to appeal to a new breed of motorcyclist. According to most of the traditional motorcycle distributors and dealers contacted, unless E-motos become more cost-effective in terms of their high purchase prices, there is little chance of Kiwi bikers being able to purchase sophisticated zero-emission motorcycles like a new BMW C evolution maxi-scooter or KTM Freeride E dirt bike. READ MORE: * Polaris introduces electric motorcycle, beating Harley-Davidson to market * World's most powerful electric motorcycle * Taking the electric Zero FX off-road is sneaky, silent fun * US Military's stealth motorcycles are as quiet as an electric toothbrush. , I am so very happy with my Sonic 2000 scooter from Black Sheep Trading. Electric Bikes are exciting and something we really believe in and want to promote throughout New Zealand. Plug-in BMW C evolution has been embraced by European police forces. Wayfarer M7 (Mid-Drive Step … Combining the latest technology and slick design with an easy and enjoyable riding experience, our eBikes offer a fantastic transport solution for people looking for a fast, simple and FUN way to get from A to B. ... a training ground for the New Zealand Defence Force. Highly recommend... 5 stars. transaction was super simple and any issues with postage was sorted as quick a possible. KTM Freeride E is popular in Europe thanks to increased off-road riding area access. I am totally impressed with the level of service and can completely recommend Black Sheep Trading. Subscribe. Wi-Bike's electric motor can power you for up to 125km on a single charge. Before unveiling the Wi-bike range at the EICMA show in Milan last November, Piaggio crowed loudly about the increased fuel efficiency of new petrol-powered 125cc Vespa models capable of travelling 42km on a litre of fuel but an electric version was conspicuously-absent. Don't Miss the Latest Deals and Updates on the Generation 7 Release! The. The best electric motorcycles in the UK to buy now. Thank you for your help!! As the Kiwi importer of Vespa, BMW, Triumph, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, and other motorcycle brands, Beckhaus says that he is watching the electric motorcycle market closely, but he won't be bringing the C evolution in any time soon. Or is it the high cost, both at the E-moto's point of sale, and ongoing costs such as the need to invest in protective clothing and road registration? We’ve all taken a wrong turn before. Would highly recommend! We also have child seats available for hire. Highly recommend... 5 stars. There are four models to choose from, each featuring pedal power assisted by a 250-watt electric motor. Come July, Hyland will have the first imports of the new Wi-Bike range on sale, made by Vespa's owner, Piaggio. to work now. They don't have decades of dealer network relationships to clear a path to the market, so they will need to rely on direct sales, crowd-sourcing campaigns and guerrilla marketing and sidestep the existing industry completely.". Our electric motorcycles are recognised globally as the best bikes for children to learn and improve their motorbike skills and being electric they have no hot parts, require no petrol, produce no fumes and are virtually silent, meaning riders can use them everyday in places other bikes cannot go. Discovery E Low E Bike. Bafang is the same electric bike motor manufacturer that the world’s most famous ride sharing company has chosen for it’s US fleet of over 100,000 electric bikes. Our Motorbikes are Made-to-Order and are ready for delivery within 2-4 weeks. A cellphone app will then monitor the rider's heartbeat if required while also aiding parking security, communications, and navigation.