Monkey’s Fist are Legal in Florida. A rhesus macaques monkey in Silver Springs, Fla., in 2017 AP Forget Florida man, now there’s Florida monkeys. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Georgia Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Your California Privacy Rights The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission recently decreed that it is now illegal to feed wild monkeys. Florida . As far as pets go, most of us will opt for fluffy puppies and kitties; oddly enough though, Florida animal laws allow you to have some pretty exotic animals as your cuddly companions. Specifications for cages according to Florida Fish & Wildlife Rule 68A-6.004 Standard Caging Requirements for Captive Wildlife. 379.3762; 379.3751; 68A-.002, et seq. Discharge of a firearm may be prohibited in some cities and residential areas; check with local law enforcement. This story has been shared 101,196 times. 101,196, This story has been shared 69,440 times. A video captured by a Florida kayaker in October showed how close humans can come to the monkeys. Terms of Use Ohio. Delaware. We want you to give your animals the best life they can have so please do your best to exceed these specifications ) A colony of several dozen monkeys lives near the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Adopt Now. Guenons (genus Cercopithecus) 5. 52,847, © 2020 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved Deforestation and the bush meat trade threaten primate species worldwide, leading to forty three species now considered to be Critically Endangered. Monkeys don’t naturally occur in the United States. Now it seems a colony of Asiatic monkeys have set-up residence and their presence could prove problematic not just for Skunk Ape, but all Florida’s native species. Guereza monkeys (genus Colobus) 9. Wild vervet monkeys are thriving in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. But you can see free-ranging monkeys in Florida. The primate pet trade is also a huge problem causing suffering and neglect, with about 5,000 privately owned primates in the UK alone. The monkeys swam to freedom and reproduced at alarming rates and are now wandering around residential areas. Here's a regulation you won't find anywhere but Florida. Believe it or not, it's legal to privately own this notoriously deadly reptile in a number of states, according to FindLaw, including the unofficial home of the gator: Florida. In Florida, the laws regarding exotic and wild animals as pets is specified in FLA. ADMIN. Feb 2, 2020 Newsweek – At least 12 feral rhesus macaque monkeys, which could be infected with a deadly form of herpes, have been spotted for the first time in northern Florida. Mangabeys (genus Cercocebus) 4. 69,440, This story has been shared 52,847 times. This is one of the few states that still allow a vast number of exotic animals including some species of big cats, bears, and wild ... Mississippi. You shouldn't be able to. Florida prohibits owning Class I … 68A-9.010, may be taken using live traps or snares, or, where allowed, firearms during daylight hours.All traps and snares must be inspected at least once every 24 hours. Forget Florida man, now there’s Florida monkeys. Laws on harvesting marine life and sea shell collecting, Submit your Website for Inclusion on FloridaSmart. Plus: Is it legal to hunt feral monkeys in FL? Do you know which animals you can keep as pets in Florida? If so, the owner must have a permit for the animal and can keep it for the rest of its life. The identity of Florida’s Skunk Ape, or Bigfoot, has long been debated for a lot of reasons. No permit required: ferret, parrot, hedgehog, chinchilla. They are thought to have gained freedom after zoo and wildlife park facilities were destroyed in hurricanes, most notably Hurricane Andrew. These wild monkeys thrive in Florida—and carry a deadly virus. Your Ad Choices If you spent time researching about owning a monkey, you would have that answer. Sign up for our monthly enewsletter to stay up to date on what's happening in Florida, upcoming events and special deals. Adopt a monkey and protect primates worldwide. Guereza monkeys (genus Colobus) 9. See Source for more details. in fact they could make a gracious companion The FWC groups all exotic animals under three classifications. The closest they get is Mexico, where you might see spider monkeys and howler monkeys in and around the Yucatan. Greta Mealey, who works for DuMond Conservancy for Primates & Tropical Forests in Miami, told FCN that the monkeys are not a major threat to humans. They would be more fearful.”, But, she added, “It’s not the kind of animal you probably want hanging around.”, Mealey’s grandson, Jason Parks, 8, of Julington Creek, saw one of the monkeys and described it as being about chest high with “sharp claws and stuff. Because the slungshot is now legal, the monkey’s fist … If you are thinking about adopting or buying a pet … It was “a program that proved deeply unpopular with the public,” FCN noted. Sitemap The footage showed the rhesus macaques hurling … After this, the slungshot suddenly became illegal in most states in the United States. Sakis (genus Chiropotes and Pithecea) 8. 24-year-old woman dead after dropping iPhone into bathwater, ‘RHOSLC’ star Lisa Barlow misses Christmas in New York, Charlize Theron compares herself to Kylie Jenner with lipstick selfie, Tayshia Adams reveals which ‘Bachelorette’ suitor is ‘husband material’, © 2020 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Ex-Giant's scary ambulance video after getting shot in botched gas station robbery, Health care worker describes harrowing nine-month battle with COVID, Michael Jordan's golf course has a beer delivery drone, CPAC to be held in person at Florida hotel in February, Football coach Tony Dungy would love to coach this basketball star, Cole Haan discounts boots to under $100 for limited-time sale, Best Christmas gift baskets 2020: 28 ideas for unique holiday bundles, This 'posture trainer' will zap you if you slouch, Sur La Table takes up to 55 percent off luxury cookware, The best workout equipment you need for your home gym in 2021. Langurs, Douc Langurs, And Howler Monkeys. Legal Monkeys started with the simple idea that we wanted to find a better way, and we haven’t stopped innovating our record collection services and our software ever since. they are current in all health certificate, and up to date in all shots.they are dippers trained and indoor raised. ( Please remember these are a minimum ! CODE ANN. [CDATA[// >. Howler monkeys (genus Alouatta) 2. Large carnivores like lions, tigers, and bears are illegal to own, as are apes, baboons, and … States Where Pet Monkeys Are Legal (2018) North Carolina. Regulatory Status. General guidelines are listed here. A video captured by a Florida kayaker in October showed how close humans can come to the monkeys. A few monkey species can be kept as pets in Florida under a Class II animal permit. Florida: A chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutang or baboon is a Class I wildlife animal, which is illegal to own unless it had been a pet before August 1, 1980. they are very social and move along with other pets and kids. States Where Pet Monkeys Are Legal (2018) North Carolina. If you're considering getting a wild animal for a pet, one of the first things you should do is find out if it is legal to have the animal in Florida. Florida: A chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutang or baboon is a Class I wildlife animal, which is illegal to own unless it had been a pet before August 1, 1980. Ohio has strict laws governing the keeping of exotic and endangered animals as pets. Monkeys carry viruses transmittable to humans, do not make good pets and are often miserable and destructive in captivity. Warning issued about COVID-19 vaccine after patients suffer reaction, Inside Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner's new $23.5M Miami estate, Rich Miami parents losing minds over Ivanka and Jared's school choice, 'Ellen' loses sponsors, A-listers and viewers following workplace misconduct scandal, George Clooney was hospitalized after losing 28 pounds for his latest role, A rhesus macaques monkey in Silver Springs, Fla., in 2017. 1. Monkeys are prohibited by law to be kept in private by individuals. r. §68A-6.002 which classifies animals into classes. Patas monkeys (genus Erythrocebus) 6. Vervet, Grivet or Green monkeys (genus Chlorocebus) 7. We've all seen those headlines about people's pet gators escaping, but they aren't the only unexpected wildlife you can keep in the Sunshine State. This group includes species such as capuchins, marmosets, spider monkeys, and howler monkeys. The monkeys were introduced to the area in the 1930s by a local cruise operator, Colonel Tooey’s Jungle Cruise, which released 12 monkeys over a series of years onto a man-made island inside Silver Springs State Park. Major Considerations Before Getting a Primate. Various colonies of rhesus and other monkey species, such as common squirrel monkeys and vervet monkeys, have been found in Florida. These wild monkeys thrive in Florida—and carry a deadly virus. These surviving monkeys are called Platyrrhines - or New World Monkeys - and they prefer a tropical climate, which is why they still thrive so well along the Equator today. Well there are monkeys in Florida, but there shouldnt be. Chimpanzees, tigers, lions, crocodiles, jaguars, leopards, venomous reptiles prohibited. “There’s a low risk, but very high consequence should something happen,” Johnson says. Class II animals are allowed only with a permit: Howler monkeys, Uakaris, Mangabeys, Guenons, Bearded sakis, Guereza monkeys, Celebes black apes, dris, Macaques, Langurs, Douc langurs, Snub-nosed langurs, Proboscis monkeys, Servals, European and Canadian lynx Cougars, panthers, Bobcats, Cheetahs, Caracals, African golden cats, Temminck's golden cats, Fishing cats, Ocelots, Clouded leopards, Coyotes, Gray wolves, Red wolves, Asiatic jackals, Black-backed jackals, Side-striped jackals, Indian dholes, African hunting dogs, Wolverines , Honey badgers, American badgers, Old World badgers, Binturongs, Hyenas, Dwarf crocodiles, Alligators cainans, Ostrich, Cassowary. Idris (genus Indri) 10. If so, the owner must have a permit for the animal and can keep it for the rest of its life. Guereza monkeys (genus Colobus) Honey badgers (Mellivora capensis) Howler monkeys (genus Alouatta) Idris (genus Indri) Indian dholes (Cuon alpinus) Langurs (genus Presbytis) Well there are monkeys in Florida, but there shouldn’t be. “When I first started this project it was like an urban legend. Class III animals can be owned with no permit: Reptiles, amphibians (nonvenomous, unprotected), Gerbils, hedgehogs, Honey possums, sugar gliders, brushtailed possums, Shell parakeets, Rats and mice, Canaries, Moles; shrews, Rabbits, Squirrels; chipmunks, Ferrets (domestic; European), Lovebirds, Guinea pigs, Cockadels, Hamsters, Parrots, Finches, Myna birds, Toucans, Doves; ringed, ruddy, and diamond, Button quail, Prairie dogs, Chinchillas, Click here for more specific details on Florida's laws for capturing and owning animals and wildlife in Florida, See Also: Laws on harvesting marine life and sea shell collecting,