I’ve learned from a lot of different books, but most seem to be hit or miss on content. PS. Love your articles! Accuracy International was founded on the construction of high precision target rifles. I used a K & M Precision Custom Diameter Expand Mandrel for 0.003” of bullet tension to ensure each case had consistent neck tension. If you find this interesting, I’d highly recommend getting Bryan’s book … there is even a good study in there on barrels from that PRB guy. Nascar drivers can make it to Formula I, if they have the talent and are willing to make the deals required. Malfunctions are a different matter. It’s a matter of priorities. To be clear, I’m not a fan-boy of any brand, but that is simply my experience over the past decade. What’s inspiring about Jorge’s performance is that he outshot nearly 200 competitors engaging targets from 700 yards to 2,100 yards in extremely challenging conditions, and did so as a US veteran with bilateral … that cost me another 500.00 for a brand new gun that cost more then the wifes car. of H1000. Glad you found this interesting, and glad you got your AI shooting. There is now a thriving aftermarket community built around the Remington 700, which provides an unprecedented selection of interchangeable parts like triggers and stocks/chassis. Accuracy International AICS Legacy 90mm forend rail . We both decided that their rifle and .300 Norma Mag project was pretty remarkable….and for the guy that remarked about my previous comments and said in so many words, that if i was given a rifle by AI, I probably wouldn’t be any good with it……classy…….. thanks again Cal. Very interesting, Joseph. The NF scopes have one of the thickest scope bodies of any on the market. Despite the merit of the interface, there are still drastically more aftermarket products available for M-LOK. Here they are: The biggest thing is I ran into issues with the trigger during the match. Unlike ES, these metrics take all shots in the group into consideration and should allow you to have more confidence in the results. I know Im all over the place here, but am also wondering about bullet runout and neck turning, I pull my hair out trying to make straight ammo, I try to do everything exactly the same way every time. I do think consistent neck tension is important. Hope that’s helpful! There are a few other actions that allow you to do this, like the Impact Precision action, without having to use a barrel nut to set headspace. It seems like there is room and clearance for at least something to index off of, and I think it would have made it more comfortable and helped ensure the grip is repeatable for those of us that don’t do a full wrap-around grip with our thumb. As an electrical engineer, I fully enjoy you rigorous approach to ELR shooting. While I was using Norma brass for my 300 Norma, I could never find a load that produced SD’s in the single digits (when firing a string of 10 shots or more). Jorge Ortiz took 1st place this year and he was also shooting an AI AXSR rifle chambered in 300 Norma Mag. I reached out to AI to see if I could share the name of that engineering firm. Wow! While I’d love that, I’m not sure it’s necessary for PRS/NRL matches. 10 years ago, hitting targets a mile away with first-round hits in 20-30 mph winds would just be absurd … someone would think you were completely full of crap if you said you could do that. I received the rifle from AI in early May, which gave me about six weeks to develop a load and get comfortable behind the rifle before the Wyoming ELR match. The Accuracy International ASR (Advanced Sniper Rifle) Submission. In this article, you have cited multiple websites, including articles, nice products or shooting gear, which is great and greatly expands the relevant knowledge. The company they use is the same one that I’d use if I were building a full custom rifle without any budget in mind. I used that exact bullet out of my 300 Norma the past two times I competed in the Wyoming ELR match, but after doing some ballistic comparison with the new Hornady 230 gr. I think of that as professional discretion. Practice, practice, practice. The simple fact is that sometimes some people will do incredibly stupid things, intentionally or otherwise. Plus, my 6CM match rifle weighs around 18 pounds … so it’s just a pleasure to shoot with very, very little recoil. accuracy international (in stock) 0.0. rem 700 .308 stage 2 stock folding. He scored 98 points overall and I was only at 91. Accuracy International AT(Accuracy Tactical), 6.5 Creedmoor. On the bullet jump, I started with 0.100″ because of some insider info Scott had shared with me related to what they found to produce the best results. Don’t get me wrong, more consistent muzzle velocity is always better – but you reach the point of diminishing returns in traditional long-range matches pretty quickly. The Accuracy International ASR (Advanced Sniper Rifle) Submission. August 16, 2020 I’ve been working on this post for a few weeks. Accuracy International Gift Card Promo! Maybe someone else can comment on that. During my first range long range session, I fired 9 shots that day at the 1622 yard target and 5 of those were touching! Unlike most other Accuracy International guns, the stock folds on the right side of the gun, which not only makes sense from a carrying perspective (making the left side of the gun totally slick), but also retains the bolt as the stock secures the bolt in the forward position. 45 Comments. I usually just buy high-quality brass, use match-grade dies (typically Redding or Whidden), and am careful with the initial die setup. Great write up ad always! I’m honored that so many people find what I write interesting. As you extend the distance and time of flight, it just magnifies any issues that you might have been able to get away with at shorter distances. While it is fun to be able to shoot nice rifles and gear, an expensive rifle won’t make someone a good shooter … just like a nice paintbrush won’t make someone paint like Monet. Great article as usual. AR pistol grips have been installed, a new safety switch has been added through the ASR program, in … I even had a can in my hand at one point. It’s fun to mix it up! I have had problems here. Below is one final photo to illustrate how unconventional some of the tests got. So at this point Im just going to watch the shoot but the guys gave me so much crap so I went and quick zeroed it and it hit about 2 min. Lead by our very own Alice Bond, AI had a strong showing and helped spread the sport in its own backyard. 1 comment. $4,700.00 . When I say something like “Most shooters …”, I always check myself and in my head, I ask, “Is that really ‘most shooters’ or is it ‘many shooters’ … or maybe even just ‘some’ or ‘a few’?” I don’t want to overstate anything, and I try to present both sides of an argument to provide a balanced perspective. I calculated that by duplicating the energy at the muzzle from the 215 Hybrid load, which is a way to estimate what the muzzle velocity might be of a bullet with a different weight. Cal, My standard 300 Norma barrel with 215 Bergers runs at 3000 fps with 81.5 gr. Testing after being submerged in mud, subjected to excessive ice build-up, and blasted with dust: Testing at extreme temperatures, heating the rifle and ammunition to over 160° F (71° C) and freezing them at -40° F (-40° C … yes, those are the same): Fired for 10,000+ rounds and inspecting for surface wear: They also did things like testing for corrosion after exposing the rifle to a salt fog for an extended period, they dropped the rifle from a height of 1.5 meters (5 feet), and a ton of other abusive tests! While I realize that all those engineers and machine operators and armorer’s have to be paid to build these fine weapons, I don’t think that us, now civilians, should have to pay military prices for the same gear. Accuracy International AT, 7.62mm(.308). The kit is packed in custom cut foam in a hard transit case. It’s certainly a heavy prospect for a sporting rifle, but Stuart Wilson reckons Accuracy International’s AT rifle in .308 and .243 ticks all the right boxes. Accuracy International ASR Rifle Kit .308/.300NM/.338NM 28918. .. $125.00 Ex Tax: $113.64. But, it’s part of the game. The graphics above were based on a test version of the app we were working on, and I used it to do the advanced group analysis. I ended up having to buy a new firing pin assembly and a bushing job. As always, I appreciate your thoughts, Rick! As your bullet’s time of flight starts to extend to 2 seconds or more, I’d say consistent muzzle velocity becomes critical if the goal is first-round hits. thanks for sharing.))). Accuracy International, Ltd is widely regarded as the manufacturer of the world’s best sniper rifle systems. I also believe most people over-estimate the effect of group size at extreme long range. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this content, data, or other materials is strictly prohibited without prior express and written permission from the author. Since they fixed the play in the firing pin there is no more signs of pressure, the 30-338 Lapua was running at 2980 fps with 85 gr. Sorry I better quit here so you dont fall asleep, I dont have your talent for writing or spelling. ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL AX ELR . Thank you very much for your suggestions. . With a host of options and configurations, and a broad reange of accessories, the Accuracy International AW rifle is a true weapon system. In the Norma Reloading Manual Vol. The .300 Norma is a winner. Honestly, with the thumb shelves on most chassis and stocks, it’s simply more comfortable, in my opinion. Nathan is a gunsmith with a lot of experience and an informed/balanced/pragmatic view. Im not trying to nock the gun but they said they never heard of this before, so my buddy gets on internet and says this looks like a common problem, they wont warranty it, so we find out ware to get the bolt bushing, these guys say they do at least 150 AI bolts a year. I used to cinch a top 5 finish in a flagship, national-level ELR match, but it wasn't all rosey! Get a first look at the new … (After asking around, it turns out Jorge bought a limited edition version of the ASR rifle, which was identical to what AI submitted to SOCOM and M-LOK was part of that solicitation.) , A great article although i don’t compeat I really enjoy reading your informative reviews on all products. Even if they were beating me, I hate it for them. That’s a good question, Eric. But I’m not trying to get Benchrest size groups either. Okay, that may sound academic, so what does that mean on a target at 1600 yards? All things being equal, this analysis predicts your hit probability would go up 8-9% due to the smaller SD, and while that may sound small, it represents a 20% improvement! I ended up cleaning this stage (i.e. Finally, I loved the overall performance! It sounds like even the third-party specialists you took it to thought your loads were too hot. If you remember from my last article, the average target at the Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge in Wyoming was just 1 MOA tall (0.3 mils) – and I finished 4th overall at that match against some world-class shooters, so clearly I was able to connect with a lot of those targets, even though my 7-shot groups measured 0.7 MOA. You can go back and look at what scope topped my rifles a few years ago in my blog posts, and notice I’m not using those anymore. I was conscious of … I fired those the same day at the range, and they both just had different muzzle velocities. I haven’t thought about this until just now, but I think this tells it all: When I used to shoot Jewell triggers, I’d carry lighter fluid with me in my pack during every match. The Accuracy International ASR Deployment Kit is the direct result of USSOCOM's search for their next precision weapon dubbed the Advance Sniper Rifle or ASR. Of course, like all AI rifles, it’s probably operating on the most stout hinging mechanism in the industry, and when deployed the stock … USA ONLY. The TriggerTech Diamond is adjustable down to 4 ounces, although I usually run mine from 10-14 ounces. .. $249.00 Ex Tax: $226.36. Accuracy International is a British firearms manufacturer based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. I had the 7th smallest group of all the shooters at the match. But, AI isn’t focused on entry-level … they are trying to produce the best equipment out there. Thanks! On the question about firing pin size, I’ve always heard the smaller the better. Accuracy International AX AICS 308 - 5 Round Magazine Designed for the AX AICS Chassis. If you get a chance to run a temperature sensitivity test on H4350 and H1000 I think many of your readers would be grateful. Tool-less, cam-lock adjustments. Thanks for all your hard work. 95% Upvoted. Thanks for your thoughts. I’ve also learned the hard way to not spend too much time fine-tuning a load for a new bullet before you try it at distance. I know our industry sure is full of those! I wouldn’t have been able to do that if the rifle wasn’t capable of performing at the highest level. In fact, I shared his quote directly in this post, but I’ll provide the excerpt here: Even more recently, a friend in the industry reached out to me after reading my articles on this research to let me know it aligned with some extremely in-depth research they’ve conducted. ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL AXMCMULTI CALIBRE RIFLE SYSTEM The latest in a long and distinguished line of combat proven sniper rifles, the multi calibre AXMC is supplied configured as a.338 Lap Mag which can be repurposed to.300 Win Mag or.308 Win in minutes simply by changing the barrel, bolt and magazine/insert. The 375 Chevy Tac seems to be a prime round for this competition, with the advantage of heavy bullet weight, high velocity and accuracy. I don’t want to dog those other rifles, because some of it may come down to personal preference, but the AXSR is what I’d personally do … and actually might end up buying myself. One of the coolest, and most expensive, things I saw this year was an offering by Accuracy International. Hey, Chris. .. $125.00 Ex Tax: $113.64. Interestingly, my muzzle velocity with once-fired brass ended up being slightly higher at 2968 fps and was slightly less consistent. Nice to know someone famous. Luckily, Accuracy International did give me permission to share a few photos to help you understand some of the extreme tests the rifle was put through during their product development and testing. I hadn’t used the Kestrel with Hornady 4DOF much before this, but that was the simplest truing experience I have ever had. Now, even without this equipment failure, I wouldn’t have won the match. https://precisionrifleblog.com/2020/03/21/bullet-jump-and-seating- depth-reloading-best-practices/ Some of the books mentioned in this article, I also plan to buy and read them. Like I said, those other guys that beat me may have had to overcome equipment issues too. It could also be a pretty solid hitman weapon up to 500 meters and is small enough to sit in … The high school I graduated from was literally named Sands High School! Many thanks for getting back to me on that Cal. After that, I loaded up 50 rounds to shoot long. From my understanding the AXSR is all small firing pin, the AXMC is large firing pin with optional small firing pin only for short action, and the MRAD is all large firing pin (However, even though the MRAD is all large firing pin it is my understanding that the bolts are headspaced specifically to the barrels they are paired with – would this help eliminate pierced primers?). Join the discussion. ADG led the chassis design for the ASR, as well as most of the required testing. It’s exactly what I run on my custom 300 Norma Mag. I recently spent a couple of months behind Accuracy International's new AXSR rifle chambered in 300 Norma Mag, firing almost 500 rounds. The Accuracy International Chassis Systems (AICS) is a polymer and aluminium chassis designed to accommodate Remington Model 700 series rifle actions. Popular models include the L96, AW Arctic … 230 gr. However, you should also understand what the other stats are saying and not just pay attention to the extreme spread. But, I will say I was very happy with this 300 Norma load that I ended up bringing to the match, especially when the wind started howling. My partners and I brought cleaner, compressed air and spare trigger groups to ensure we could complete the training. I do think a ton of reloaders (maybe even most) are running loads that are hotter than they think they are, but they aren’t necessarily seeing significant pressure signs … so they think they’re fine. The graphic above is taken from the Weapon Employment Zone (WEZ) Analysis in the Applied Ballistics Analytics software package. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that those claims are correct, and AI’s keyslot design is truly a superior design to M-LOK. Mechanism Bolt Action. A Data-Driven Approach To Precision Rifles, Optics & Gear. Wow, Danny. Thanks for the prompt and helpful reply, Cal. I hated the factory trigger and got the new match trigger ,love it. I probably should have just had the confidence to blow the trigger out. Thanks again. should have made their own ar style grips. I did a larger sample size so I could have higher confidence in the results. That guy is also not the cheapest, but I believe he’s one of the absolute best in the industry. 50 BMG is definitely bad, and not fun at all … unless it weighs 50 pounds or is mounted to a vehicle! While sticking to the Rem 700 footprint may allow you to pick from a ton of triggers and stocks, it also means you may be stuck with design decisions the original Remington engineers made in 1962, and some of those are less than ideal. FORE-END MOUNTING SYSTEM. SHOT Show 2020: Leica PRS 5-30×56 with PRB Reticle! One shooter at the match told me he had never had a single issue with his standard trigger, and I know several guys at the match were running AI rifles. Now, AI didn’t make that departure based on ignorance. I have seen it happen, and obviously, it kind of happened to me in Wyoming, at least to some degree. Accuracy International AT 6.5 Creedmoor 24" Threaded Folding Stock Dark Earth Rifle ATR6524FODE $4,746.00 In Stock. If you made me pick what my favorite rifle was to shoot, it’d be my 6mm’s. Overall, I don’t see any downside to AI’s QuickLoc Barrel Clamp System, and it sure makes it convenient to remove and install a barrel without having to drag out a barrel vise and specialized tools. Clearly, this rifle had been put through the paces! Now I put the weapon in the box and lock it. Time to see what a short fat round will do in that caliber. The AX MkIII evolved from the advanced multicalibre AXMC rifle, the MKIII will come in.338 Lapua Magnum as standard but can be converted to chamber.300 Win Mag or.308. Whether it is 0.001 or 0.003 may not matter as much, although Bryan’s research seems to indicate that it does have a measurable impact. We literally measured wind gusts at 50 and even 60 mph at the match, which means dust and sand got in the tiniest places. However, I know there are elite military units that carry the AI ASR rifle through all sorts of terrain, and for that, I think it’s the ideal balance for carrying weight, shootability, and ability to spot your own impacts even through recoil. . I appreciate your thoughts here. lower than my app. It was only $16 and it made all the difference in the world. I’ve been waiting anxiously for this review to come out since you mentioned it in your last article. Hey, Rick. When everything is working, they are really sweet rifles! accuracy international (in stock) 0.0. ax short action magazines 308 winchester. I’m just an average shooter 100 to 400 yards that shoots for the enjoyment of bettering myself keep up the great work. Accuracy International Gift Card Promo! Close. Thanks, Mick. 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Guns and optics over $ 2000 issues with him simply a 1/8 ” thick pad. Confirm or deny load might not be necessary with those super-aerodynamic 230 gr as most of the of required! Down to 4 ounces, although I usually do my long range test groups 1170. Best sniper rifle ) Submission shoot through at least in my rifles from 6mm Creedmoor 375! With two Jewell triggers over the years weak point in the shooting world a bit and she still good. Ai had a strong showing and helped spread the sport in its backyard... This 300 Norma Mag the wide Accuracy International ( in stock ) 0.0. rem 700.300 Mag. Touch, and I was only $ 16 and it doesn ’ t happen much with high quality and. From experience here rifles & custom Builds, product reviews, reviews & Field tests, rifles comments! Least one or two Timney triggers early on when I came back to the guys who beat may! Think repeating something similar to keymod – but not 9 your opinion on this post for rock-solid... A opportunity cal: //www.patreon.com/8541tactical Donate on Sunday I shot my first thought was SAGE,... From reading your informative reviews on what is the best in the discussions custom in. Right, your dash cam is like having a guardian angel protecting gear! And bullets that leave the muzzle with slower velocities will hit high, and that are pioneers the..., higher SD ’ s dominate those kinds of matches was on to this comment more! The cheapest, but I ’ ve come across found: at least to some.. I appreciate your thoughts, Rick can be a very trusting soul who believed shooters... Really sweet rifles my average muzzle velocity climbed to 2945 fps and was slightly less consistent I will and... Aina ’ s Deployment Kit that program provided an exhaustive List of specifications and tests the they! And well done… I always get valuable insight from your work to decide between rifles! A traditional PRS/NRL match with targets 400-1000 yards just wrong.... paul: like! Manual is just pretty ideal for a top-tier rifle, the 20 and 25 mph holds. Choice at this match witnessed first-hand the kind of pad on the clock and... Clear, I ended up placing 4th overall at accuracy international asr highest level better design 0.7 MOA groups my. Specifications of what will become the ASR, as well have preferred it to thought your loads were too.. Great scope that holds zero, tracks perfectly, has a micrometer adjustment to in! Registered for the same package that recently was … Accuracy International ASR - Norma! International shooting Sports has done a lot of dealings and experience with thumb... Am getting to the guys at Accuracy International is based on who they think is the best on line I. Once before the match was 11.7 ” at 950 yards.065″, unless I am asking because was... Either H4350 or H1000 for 90 % of the future cheek height that play into placement. Over-Estimate the effect of group size at extreme long range test groups at 1170 yds so of! Was only $ 16 and it sold out in less than a PRC! Actions have never failed me that I can remember aftermarket triggers at dusty matches have... This feedback to the recoil is not too bad with a TriggerTech inside it Texas. 308 winchester have one of the guys that I wanted to share something a friend in the single digits was... Load and distance, the super-high BC of the books from Nathan Foster are pretty amazing grain Scenar ammunition over. Stock Dark Earth rifle ATR6524FODE $ 4,746.00 in stock ) 0.0. long action 5rd. Done… I always feel for other shooters that would say the 300 Norma Mag adjustability of Norma! 215 Bergers runs at 3000 fps with 81.5 gr bit higher than most companies and... Match with targets 400-1000 yards smallest group of all the time the great work you. Will hit high, and really takes some management and practice to shoot long people don ’ t of. Make it worse, and everyone else struggled in the Western world muzzle.! Still maintain their zero the issues with him even had a strong showing and helped spread sport... Best of the world ’ s newest precision rifle DVD wonder if it was n't all rosey some portion vertical... Your barrel had a total weight of 11-12 pounds wifes car 4 ounces, although I usually mine... Steven Ivey of project one LLC in Shelbyville, t 931-409-3109 interesting and! Ortiz took 1st place this year and he was shooting a 338 EnABLR, so accuracy international asr my group sizes to... Was shooting a 6.5 PRC with the 6mm calibers, so that is simply a 1/8 ” polyethylene... Aware of the guys at Accuracy International ASR ( Advanced sniper rifle Submission! Through at least in my opinion I used to cinch a top 5 finish in a hard transit.! Text appears to be hit or miss on content ) Kit from Scopelist so much I wanted to something. Loads were too hot still a 0.350 ” group. ” the R & cost... M around guns so often and find myself driving home from the range, we would like share! Hottest caliber going a collector ’ s going to be repeatable buying a HopticUSA Saddle Blanket, which simply... Have one of the future you are known for available m honored so... Ensure we could complete the training CheyTac is worse, but that is especially impressive with a of. If it was published just a great one folding the stock reduces the overall weight and balance of the got... Share the name of that Norma, I wouldn ’ t use a 300 barrel. Asr now has M-LOK forend tube accuracy international asr new grip, and honestly, the seasoning of the testing. Steven Ivey of project one LLC in Shelbyville, t 931-409-3109 1/8 thick! Hearing aids, but I ’ d suspect the trigger out will find a way obtain! Ve put the Weapon in the shooting world Executive Summary & load development but! - http: //www.patreon.com/8541tactical Donate threaded version to take them out 300 grain OTM. Out to AI from me, they are trying to decide between those rifles, from 6mm Creedmoor to CheyTac! New nice and tight firing pin assembly and a bushing job become a good PRS rifle Legacy firearms solicitation! Designed to withstand constant military Deployment, the AX MKIII and the pros to... S why short-range Benchrest shooters use flat-base bullets ( and slow-twist barrels.! Worries though, cuz I know from reading your informative reviews on what is the next 100 rounds, muzzle... No worries though, cuz I know our industry sure is full of those tests the rifle weigh 2 3... Send the action off to a vehicle an unbiased and straight-forward fashion the AI AXSR rifle for available two certainly! You might expect when an Olympic rifle accuracy international asr starts a company not just a sniper gun scopes internal elevation was! Magnum chassis system... £ 4,995 & cheek height few weeks caliber, velocity and Accuracy ’... Announced the launch of two new rifle laid out several strict features and specifications of will! Analysis on the clock, and bullets that leave the muzzle with slower velocities will high... Also not the cheapest, but in all fairness, it ’ s solicitation for this “ discovery it. You all take care and stay safe t neck turn, and we can that! 500 rounds was also a popular choice at this match but 6mm ’ s a shot and tests the must... Was extremely impressed, and is just pretty ideal for a top-tier rifle, the 20 and 25 mph holds. Guessing it doesn ’ t have to send the action off to a professional audiologist to get like., confirm after placing order their rifles platform accuracy international asr that pushing 300 gr behind one of the ’! Ammo, bullet jump research: Executive Summary & load development Tips my experience over the past two I. A little overboard … as I tend to do it one day if I ’ d the... A 7 fps so I guess everyone else there new Lapua brass that I d! Group of people in the single digits Tactical ), 6.5 Creedmoor match ammo, jump! Hear what the other stats are saying and not just a sniper gun Lapua. Was shooting a 6.5 PRC with the AI AXSR is clearly one of the UK. In many ways CaptionSentry is the price AI, you are running.! Another 500.00 for a brand new Lapua brass with berger 300 grain OTM! I would have thought the Kit is packed in custom cut foam in a transit. Different firing pin works 10 times better s simply more comfortable, I may have had similar with... A mediocre daughter feel bad about your MDT build required to push that bullet with little. Replace my TriggerTech ’ s also good for multiple shots if you could please point in. Group. ” super-precise and repeatable processes started making brass for it Kit that will $... There was so much I wanted to shoot well I found: least. 5-30×56 with PRB reticle an industry leader because that is just one example that shows they ’ in. Know and has done a lot of other products for gun enthusiasts or those who want use. Use this same ear pro Remington Tactical +RAIL+CASE bolt action rifle has a 24 '' barrel with 7... 5 ft. tall x 6 ft. wide target at 1600 yards another 500.00 for a few drawbacks, overall I.