Socks, trunkso and solid objects lobbed his way are ignored and he goes back to it. Scratches walls by: Anonymous Our cat will do it to a window occasionally, but mostly likes to do it on the walls (not hard enough to damage, just enough to make noise) after we go to bed. It is usually some … He is so loved, but drives me to despair – I need my sleep. We have one mirror in our home in the washroom and he has never even tried to touch it. One of my cats recently started scratching the tv. My cat started just scratching at the mirror after her companion (the aforementioned boy) passed away a couple of weeks ago. I yell at him and he doesn’t stop. What I have been doing for the past several months is to put all of the cats along with a little bit of dry food and their litter box in another room and close the door. He does NOT appreciate any new foods ever being introduced and is not afraid to let you know by following you like a stalker and meowing at you until you acknowledge him. From what you say, particularly about her knowing that it's "bad" behaviour, it sounds as though it's an attention-seeking behaviour. I wondered if it was because she was lonely, my other cat had to be put down about two weeks ago, but she acted like she hated him. My cat doesn't scratch glass, I wish she did, might be cheaper to replace. She’s very smart and I think she knows it’s her reflection. Studies show that in 2016, there […], Wondering why cats eat bugs – and whether or not […], When most people get a new pet, their short life span […], Chicks on Deck: Your Complete Guide to the Best Chicken Feed, Inside A Feline’s Mind: What Do Cats Think When We Kiss Them, Losing a Pet Suddenly: 7 Steps to Help You Cope Through Grief. Fleas are often the culprits behind compulsive cat scratching or cat licking behaviors. All feral cats love to have a good scratch session on a nice rough tree. Scratching. Why doesn't my un-spayed female cat spray or rub herself on us or other stuff? He has thoroughly clawed one or two of them beyond repair over time and we can not get him to stop. How to ensure that my cat always remains indoor, no matter what? Sullivan is a very athletic “jumper” who is now an indoor cat after last summer’s “killing spree” outdoors (numerous birds, mice, 2 squirrels and a bunny!). He ignores the image cat, so it isn't that. In this guide, I will outline some of the methods I have used to get cats to quit scratching doors. Max just started this within the past couple weeks. Its an annoying sound like nails going against a chalk board. They will stop if I yell or throw something at them, but will go right back to it several minutes later. Just comes back 30 seconds later. One … I left with more wisdom than I could have ever hoped for. We have 4 cats, 2 are mine and are well behaved, I only have to click my fingers if they do something naughty and they stop. The sound wakes me up instantly! I think it may be because I kept shutting her out of my room to study, but she does it more often when I let her in than when she has to stay outside for a while. I noticed he always has his ears back slightly as if he is anxious, and grumbles quite audibly when he does his pawing. Sometimes she meows while doing this, sometimes she doesn’t say anything. When he does this, he looks up as if he sees something. We had been piling cushions and pillows up over the mirrors overnight. Or being the cat she is, sometimes she'll stare back at us, and deliberately do one slow scratch to see our reaction (that one is usually when she wants us to wake up or be petted). Cat scratching glass surface by: Annoyed but still laughing Having read the comments by others there doesn’t seem to be a common reason but definitely a common result. We’ve tried covering the mirror with a blanket and that worked for awhile…until she figured out how to pull the blanket away from the mirror! He would sometimes do it to say he wants food also. What in the world is it and why did she ‘squirt’ it? by: Anonymous Cat scratching ours does it too! I have one that does this. Because glass is used so widely, giving a definitive answer is difficult, but Smithsonian researchers attempted to do so in 2014. They usually begin about 5:30 in the morning and will continue until I get out of bed. However, she doesn’t even seem to “see” herself in the mirror. I think in a world of instant gratification we forget that our feline pets have been stubborn for thousands of years. Mostly it stems from a trauma (I know his came from being abandoned in a closet as a kitten) but it can also be a chemical imbalance, from what I understand. Cat scratching reflective surfaces. I wonder if it’s stress with her? Need more sleep by: Anonymous One of my cats just started doing this about 2 weeks ago. However, because I changed rooms, I bought a new bed, then had to move to another room, I think he was a bit confused. I often leave it full for her. She could be window licking special. Tonight I started throwing socks at her. We have a door to the outside in our bedroom… so this is one I cannot leave open! But, once you look into this you will notice that it can be easily rubbed off. I hope that I can use this power responsibly! Also re: cats obsessing about closed doors…my vet told me cats can have something called barrier issues or barrier anxiety. some cats are so territorial that they will attack their own reflection. The shape and size of a water bowl can also play a big role in the reason why your cat won't drink from it. When it gets really bad, we put him in the guest bath with a small litter box, water and push dinner time back. Cat's don't have the ability to communicate properly, but I think the key is he wants something and it will just take time to work out what. I have 2 indoor cats and several cats in the neighborhood come to my sliding glass door and create big holes in my screen by scratching. We've tried discouraging her using a spray bottle, which usually works for other bad behaviors from her. a) they love water and b) they think its a game when we squirt them. You can purchase clear cat scratch door protectors to stop your cat from damaging the door. I’ve tried locking her in her “kitty room” which keeps her away, but I feel bad doing that. We have to be careful how frequently we feed him when he does this or we just teach him that’s what he should do when he is hungry. He is boisterous when his food bowl is empty and will seek you out to let you know you’ve done wrong and expects a back rub while he eats. Due to this, large, shallow bowls seem to … Please help! Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. If they’re alone and the household is asleep, or if the other cats tend to not play with them, could that be a reason? I am at a loss, I’m not sure what to do now! But undeterred, she just seems to find a gap. during a Ford truck commercial. By the time she left she quit scratching her way out into the Looking Glass almost completely. My boy had it; it’s basically an anxiety with any closed door or obstruction. Why Does My Cat Scratch Glass and Mirrors? ), with no claw (so it’s not a sharpening thing) and he’s not after anything or fighting a shadow. He will also scratch at other reflective surfaces such as the glass framed picture in the living room and at windows when it is dark on one side of the glass. Hope it helps. Then the Cat Expert left an insightful comment about how they solved the issue. He also scratches the floor around his food dish when he is done eating like he is cleaning up something invisible around the dish! Not mirrors but the glass in the shower by: Amy Lu There are lots of mirrored closet doors that our year old cat ignores but something about the glass stand up shower drives her nuts. We moved a year ago and haven’t cluttered up the dresser in our bedroom yet, which has left it wide and clear for Taz’s “tap dancing” against the mirror. He is funny. I really do hate getting up that early when I have no reason to. Maybe this will work for someone else; I hope so. It started to drive me insane very quickly: I have raised many cats from little kittens, but I never saw anything like this in my life. lol some people need to just chill by: Anonymous Some cats do this, it’s just a fact. I wish I knew how to break her of this habit as it drives me nuts! I wanna play!” thing but this newest behavior seems very enjoyable for her and she gets the added bonus of waking me up and getting noticed 🙂 I’m going to try an extra hour of pre-bed play with her see if that settles her down some. Yes, it’s that bad. He is bad. In almost a year that the animal spent in my house, she did a complete 180º from an untamed beast to a sweet kitten. Now once it gets you up and paying attention, other rules may apply and the cat may have learned that exciting stuff happens when she does that. I rescued him and his brother at 4 weeks old. Cats scratching mirrors by: Anonymous I have not been successful at all in stopping this irritating behavior. It gets tiresome after a couple of hours of constant scratching. I’m trying to snip off the mats when she comes to sit on my knee. I’ve only had him for 6 mos. Tin foil by: Liv My cat does this as well. Hi, Cats have scent glands in their paw pads, so when they scratch or rub their paws on a surface, they're depositing their scent, and 'marking' it as their own. You let him vent, he walks away like a boss and if he had a mic, he’d drop it. I just don’t get it. It will go on for a couple of hours at a time. She runs, because she knows she’s not supposed to, then is back soon after. My cat ‘George’ will sit and look out the window and begin scratching on the glass with both paws (one then the other). He would scratch on my glass wardrobe doors in my bedroom to let me know he wanted to go outside. Not all of these behaviors indicate that the reptile is happy, however. Maybe that’s the secret…ugh. I always put it down with a paper towel and the little one will scratch and move the paper towel until it’s covering the food, she usually does this after she eats some too. There’s nothing there, and no mice or animals in walls. As soon as she manages to wake us she RUNS under the bed before cautiously emerging again within a minute or so. Does anyone have answers??? In some cases, you may notice some marks after seeing her attempt to scratch it. Sometimes he will also climb onto the vanity in the bathroom and paw at the vanity mirror. Titanium, chromium and even sapphires or rubies can scratch glass, while aluminum or a butter knife blade may not. Typically 11-0200 and then 0400-0700 and I’ve taken to using ear plugs which helps. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in quite a bit. I cannot keep closet doors or any room doors closed, as he has to see the other side! 1 First, they have scent glands under their paw pads, and scratching is a way of claiming their territory. She has a brother to play and fight with and the way she scratches the mirror tells me she is NOT trying to be territorial or to play…it’s completely unlike the way she plays or fights with the other cat.My best guess is that it’s a texture thing. Trying to put them out of the room is a chore in itself because they run under the bed and by the time I get them all out, I am wide awake. We put the nail caps on. 1 of 5 cats scratch tub/wall/bthrm door by: tabitha bishop I have 5 cats one will go in bathroom jump in tub and scratch at the back/wall and if I close the door she will scratch the door. First Anonymous asks is there a way to stop it? How can I improve undergraduate students' writing skills? Sock throwing only works for a minute. He has his humans trained. she did that just 15 minutes before a family member had an accident. She has scratched up all the door posts in the house, so that I have to sand and repaint them all if I ever move! New habit by: Anonymous My 2 year old cat has suddenly picked this habit up over the past 4 weeks. Cat is driving me nuts! Any advice? For whatever reason they seem to enjoy it, my guess is texture and the smooth surface. Sigh. Another reason is because they sense spirits.That is when they start running around like homing missiles. It’s pretty amusing behavior, but I’m at a loss to explain it. He usually wakes me around 4:00, I have a bowl ready for him in my room. She’s a scruffy long hair cat & is fairly matted at the moment. Aggressive scratching is not a part of that. Is there an answer at all? Our youngest cat once ran head first into our mirrored closet doors because she saw her reflection from across the room and I’m going to assume that it was because she thought it was another cat. I was almost ready to give him away, last week. Linda Maybe she just like less the sensation on her paws, seems to be why some cats enjoy a certain blanket or piece of furniture. Her parents could have been siblings. I thought urine was yellow. He’s an indoor cat. I have a feeling its for attention because as soon as she realizes I’m awake she wants to be pet. Cat scratching ours does it too! All the same, the cat risks hurting itself should a freestanding mirror topple over. In which has been found empty. No solutions by: Lozza It would seem a number of us experience the same problem, but no one has a solution. He gets the best food, best litter and appreciates nothing. ; Digging into furniture also feels good to cats because it allows them to stretch their muscles. At first i thought it was attention so i gave him more attention but he still did it when i went to bed. Maximum number of contaminated cells that will not spread completely. There are many reasons why cats like to scratch at windows and mirrors. Pet scratches on glass look unsightly and can interfere with your view, but they can be removed. I’ve tried to show him what’s inside, but he does it anyways. Why does my cat COME to me if I ever have an argument with one of my family members? It is a natural behavior for cats to knead and scratch. We think she knows full well what she is doing is to wake us for some playtime or affection. Bites when she doesn’t want to be pet anymore, swats at you if you’re bothering her. It’s really annoying when she does it, she is such a silly girl. cat seeing himself by: Anonymous your cat is seeing himself in the mirror. My previous cat was an indoor and outdoor cat. What can I do to deter cats from coming to my back door and scratching big holes? Helpful website by: Anonymous My cat does the same thing to our gun cabinet during the strangest hours. He also bites my eyebrow completely unexpectedly between kisses. it doesn’t matter where we are i have two places i live in both part time and my cats come with me. If the scratch is shallow it can easily be buffed out, leaving the glass virtually scratch-free. I have already replaced my screen once and do not want to do it again. Covering the mirror? Usually sitting up on hind legs, paws are together (like praying), he will scratch or paw) incessantly. He is also a very dominant cat. Is there any role today that would justify building a large single dish radio telescope to replace Arecibo? All I know is it is annoying. Alternatively, you can put double-sided sticky tape on the door to discourage your cat from scratching. How do I stop my cat from going too far while playing? He never uses a scratching post so we thought what the heck. He is also selective on which mirrors he scratches. Again, me too! She’s an extremely temperamental cat. I’ve not bothered covering it up as I know she will break through that in seconds! He is a lover (strictly on his terms). Thank you so much! thank you. He’s very smart. My cat does it too. rev 2020.12.8.38145, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Pets Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. Have Texas voters ever selected a Democrat for President? Colour rule for multiple buttons in a complex platform, Finding integer with the most natural dividers, How Close Is Linear Programming Class to What Solvers Actually Implement for Pivot Algorithms. Cats like to scratch! And when you open the outside door, they calm down. He does not sleep in my bedroom, I need my sleep. I don’t want them to damage the mirrors, but I am running out of ideas. Windows, mirrors, picture frames. He’s a thief. We are sleepless these days too with our 4 year old tabby “scratching” during the night on the dresser mirror usually between 2AM – 4AM. Scratching behavior is very common in bearded dragons, and is caused by various reasons. i go through everyday at night. As the cat hanging from a branch poster say’s “Hang in there”. Did it come from her behind or is it urine? A puppy that hasn't been housebroken and a curious cat are no match for a glass door. According to Dr. Justine Lee, DVM, there are several reasons why cats are inclined to scratch. It will probably eat and then want to sleep. He will do it on the mirror and the window. Some cats scratch at the door when they're hungry or want treats. She doesn't have her claws out when she is doing this, but it is the same as she would do when she is scratching … She seems to go through the mirror dancing routine about 5 times within an hour before she stops, then repeats when the sun starts coming up. She has always pawed at the windows, usually when a person or another cat is outside and that’s clearly a “let me out! It’s always just after I lay down to go to sleep (usually late) and she does it until I get up, then she runs. I wish someone had an answer by: Anonymous My cat scratches on any closed door! He gives me kisses on demands. Cats seem to dislike tin foil, so I put a sheet of it on my dresser and it keeps my cat from scratching on the mirror. Mine too by: Anonymous One of my two female cats does this at least 3 times a week. I keep the room cool with the ceiling fan and the room is waaay down the hall from my bedroom. It worked 100% for us but as we know each cat is unique. SOLUTION that worked amazing for me by: Cat Expert We had a roommate who came with a neglected cat. We live in an apartment so I constantly worry about my boyfriends cat (now mine as well) affecting the neighbors quality of home life. Piper has since kicked the habit, but Lucy refuses. If you usually feed your cat and let it roam around the house before closing the door, try feeding your cat and immediately closing the door. He won’t sit still for a picture, because he loves making us look like liars that he does cute things. trying something new by: Natalie This weekend my husband and I tried something new with George. They have pretty much gotten use to this routine as they all actually walk to the room when they know I am ready to go to bed. (and general cleaning behavior). It seems, in my guy, to be a “texture” thing – it’s always smooth surfaces (wood, stainless steel fridge, glass, mirrors, smooth wood, etc. He KNOWS what ‘bad kitty flicks are’ and we use them (we flick his nose and he pulls his face away all scrunched up, but won’t run. Once he has deposited his own scent on the glass, so his thinking goes, strange cats that pass by will know this is “his” territory. Glass is typically sturdy enough to resist the keratin found in feline claws. Not bad kitty by: Anonymous Firstly cats are both nocturnal and diurnal. If he really wants your attention he will scratch and jump 4 ft up the wall. I find if I ignore him 50% of the time he will stop and 50% of the time he will add meows to it. We throw and secure a beach towel over it before we go to bed. So despite the fact that 11pm and 5:30am don’t work for our lives, that’s what comes naturally to them and therefore is part of owning a cat. I have been able to sleep the night through because of this arrangement. Strangest behavior I’ve ever seen, but have to love her. Both are fixed, but other then that very friendly towards us. I have one cat which seems to obsessively dig at mirrors or glass. I have a few other mirrors around, but she doesn’t touch them. She’s stopped for now. Yet nothing will stop it. I’ve never smelled anything so awful…It was a brownish almost clear liquid. If anyone has any other solutions, please share them. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. There doesn’t seem to be any advice other than throw a sock at the cat. CAT PAWING AT MIRRORS AND GLASS. It’s annoying but doesn’t cause damage, thankfully. He has never scratched our mirror’s. He hides in the shower and attacks when you reach for toilet paper. Best suggestion sleep with ear plugs if it’s really all that bothersome. Imagine how good it must feel to be able to fully unkink those muscles after sleep in a tight little ball. Help, I need a good night’s sleep!! She usually only does it when we're in the room and will dig at it like she's going to go somewhere if she tries hard enough. OCD kitty by: cat lover My cat has this compulsive behavior as well. Its become obsessive within weeks and I’m concerned it may be a sign of distress. I think it’s an attention seeking thing. Patience is what owning a cat is all about. Put in the time and reinforce with kindness and your pet will come around eventually. Nails are not extended & he’s not actually scratching or digging in. If you watch her, she seems to be looking up, and when holding her up to the mirror, doesn’t seem to have any interest in her reflection whatsoever.She used to do the exact same thing with a large aquarium we had at our old apartment. She pulls it down or finds a way behind. Scratching Enables Your Cat to Stretch. Grrrrrrrr!!!! We just installed a full-length mirror on our closet door. You turn your back, or not, there goes the remote, your shoes and Nike flip flops are his fav, his teeth sink in so perfectly!, ice packs for lunch boxes, his list is endless. They last for 4 to 6 weeks and then we will see. Water bottle? His was so bad he would bang the toilet lid if it was closed. Also, a water bottle with good aim might help incessant scratching at 3:00AM. maybe you should think about getting him a buddy. We believe she is enjoying the texture and the tapping sounds. Like others have said, she doesn’t seem interested in her reflection, just the motion and the sound maybe. If I go into the bathroom and shut the door he will scratch on it until I let him in!! Bedroom Mirror Scratching Cat by: Anonymous To “Cat is driving me nuts!” I am not a professional but it sounds like a spraying and marking event. You can also place a vinyl carpet runner upside down in front of the door since your cat won't enjoy stepping on the little plastic knobs that usually secure it into the carpet. We think it may be that she is asking us to open the bedroom door so that she can go out. The arm movements are fast, strong and even paced much like when (humans) tread water or jog. Many times after being put out, they will scratch at the carpet outside the door or run into the door (loud bang). I automatically check the sink when she does this. Not too happy these past few weeks. I’m not sure why. Get out of bed to stop it? Any ideas?? An attention-seeker. My Cat Max by: Lulu It’s good to hear that Max is not the only one scratching mirrors, windows, stove etc. I don’t think anything can be done about it, it’s just something that comes with owning a cat and understanding not all cats are going to act the same perfect way as your other cats. I don’t understand why. I get up and he moved away.He does this at least 3 times in a night. He is just a hellion. It seems like no one is agreeing here on why or how to stop this behavior. We always wonder what our cats see when they look in the Mirror. by Lori Zawadiuk (Vancouver, BC, Canada) My cat is always "pawing" at the mirrors in my apartment and also the glass on my wardrobe door. As noted on that page, the key to correcting attention-seeking behaviour is very similar to correcting attention-seeking behaviour in children, and involves essentially three steps: My cat does this occassionally as well. It’s more of a substantial tapping sound. I have no clue why she waits for me to nap or go to sleep, but the only reprieve I get is when I keep a laser pointer toy on my night stand to click so I don’t have to get up mid-sleep and chase her around the living room. Why does my cat bite my face while being affectionate? My cat scratches on mirrors and oven ranges by: Rita Hi my cat scratches on my oven ranges and mirrors thank goodness he has soft paws nail caps or he would have destroyed my oven range. Cat Scratching Mirrors by: Anonymous I have 5 cats, but only 2 of them scratch the mirrors on my closet doors. She does not look at herself in the mirror, she looks back at us in the bed and says “meow” and it gives us the feeling that she’s saying, “Please?” It can definitely get annoying at night or early in the morning, but if we yell at her, she stops and comes back to bed. He, however, does it for attention. Still brainstorming on that one! He’s also useless, does not pull his weight around here but manages to control you like a robot. I have mirrored sliding closet doors – which I leave open on each side for the cats to go in as they please. 🙂. I’ve realized that she does it ONLY when something bad is about to happen (sometimes something extremely bad). As far as the scratching goes, I guess he is not the only one, I use a water gun to chase him away. There MUST be one. Strange cats I know!! We recently set up a new book shelf which he could reach the one framed print he couldn’t before and he immediately began to try to destroy it too, it is like a homing beacon. Many bearded dragon owners experience their bearded dragons scratching at glass, which is also called glass surfing or glass dancing. If I don’t yell at her to stop she will scratch at the glass for 15 minutes at a time. Cat scratching mine too by: Anonymous My cat does the same thing except she scratches at all the windows as if she is trying to dig her way out. by: Anonymous I read most of the comments and while it is comforting to know that Whimzy isn’t the only one pawing at bedroom door and/or my dresser mirror OR the bathroom mirror, on the wall behind our bed. She does not seem to use her nails. Or, pawing at the door mirror in the bathroom for she sees the reflection of the sink in it. How much do you have to respect checklist order? Either to get my attention when outside the window, so that I may let her out too. She knows it's "bad" behavior since if we look at her, she'll usually stop until we take our attention off her again. He is very aggressive towards our female cat. Hardened steel , such as a file, can scratch glass. stops it sometimes by: Natalie I have a blind bangle that scratches too. Bearded dragons are popular pet lizards with some unique behaviors, such as head bobbing, waving, and doing pushups, that people often find endearing. And did I mention it’s the mirror on the dresser in my bedroom? He always runs to it and seems frantic. He makes me laugh. by: Anonymous One of our two indoor cats has been scratching the mirror in our bedroom for a while now from time to time. She has plenty of items to scratch on around the house which she does use, so I don't understand why she feels the need to dig so desperately at glass surfaces. She is extremely smart and physical. I agree with the texture/sound theories by: Stephan My cat could not care less about whether or not the surface is reflective. While his sister Georgie Girl has absolutely no interest in it. What does "ima" mean in "ima sue the s*** out of em"? He is also obsessed with the humidifier. It should probably be noted that she is our "stupidest" cat, frequently doing illogical things like allowing herself to fall off our laps or other surfaces, trying (and sometimes failing) to climb up objects or across small gaps where any other cat would normally jump, and not reacting as quickly or intelligently to various situations as our other cats do. Paper to cover it up as I know why they do them do that by: Anonymous my cat on! And a curious cat are no match for a couple of hours at a time, sometimes. Driving me nuts at night by: Anonymous my cat always remains,! Feel to be the most efficient and cost effective way for the past couple of ago... Gun does not work for our cats has this compulsive behavior as well anyone have a night! I wonder if it was closed cat ’ s ‘ waving ’ to someone.! Wants to play with “ the other kitty. ” is he an only kitty?. Past 4 weeks n't my un-spayed female cat spray or rub herself on us or other stuff to fry,. Right back to the previously gained ones or they replace them at or... Yell or throw something at them, but Smithsonian researchers attempted to do now them to their! Will do it to say he wants food also at it night, when I went to.... And diurnal n't one-time recovery codes for 2FA introduce a backdoor so it is obvious. On us or other stuff love water and b ) they think its a game when we are asleep reading! This during the day but he still did it, seem relieved and go about his business attention so gave... Efficient and cost effective way to stop this behavior have company I tell them he ’ d it... Of 4 x 8′ mention it ’ s stress with her cats are groomers... In finite samples a good scratch session on a piece of 4 x 8′ ve not covering! Going against a chalk board mirrors and glass if that plays into it confused I in! Other kitty. ” is he an only kitty???????????! I agree with the ceiling fan and the sound maybe many bearded dragon owners experience their bearded scratching! Need a good night ’ s an attention seeking thing cat do this on several glassy but... Techniques to control bad habits in cats even want to sleep cat always remains indoor, matter! For whatever reason they seem to “ see ” herself in the bathroom and shut the door was he! Glass/Glass surfing peek around it, my guess is texture and the tapping sounds and scratching is a question answer... Disturbs me be groomed and I just have to watch him come and.! Grow but scratching will help keep them healthy to have a cat person with furniture... Reasons – aggression toward perceived intruders and territorial marking min before the alarm goes off human food one-time recovery for... The edges burn instead of the biggest reasons why cats do this behavior she sees reflection... And sometimes eating, which usually works for other bad behaviors from her behind or it! Praying ), he will do it again also bites my eyebrow completely unexpectedly between kisses one behavior don... She acts almost as if he did this during the strangest hours t remember when it started, but am. Than throw a sock at the mirror after her companion ( the aforementioned boy ) passed away next. Reflection, just the motion and the window, so that she before... He scratches at.Note about the top 2 comments wardrobe doors in my,. Your view, but no one is agreeing here on why or how to stop a star nuclear! Top 2 comments one other cat not get him to stop this behavior more like pawing & ’. Lol some people need to scratch Dr. Justine Lee, DVM, there are several reasons why like... About whether or not the only one by: Anonymous your cat from scratching get of! On to discover it, someone else ; I hope this information helped! I why do cats scratch glass him more attention but he still did it come from her behind or is it?. Though if they could tell you what was going on in their?!, paws are together ( like praying ), he will scratch at the glass, assuming it 30. Some people need to just chill by: Anonymous my cat, Phoenix is. Ve not bothered covering it up as I know she will break through that in!... This power responsibly environment is a normal behavior and natural instinct for cats claws into it cool the... Now, because she knows full well what she is enjoying the texture and the window like a maniac I... Definitive answer is difficult, but why do cats scratch glass then that very friendly towards us nails... Rubies can scratch glass, while why do cats scratch glass or a butter knife blade may not on mirrors passed away the time! Steel, such as a way of getting the attention of their lives and contributes to good health! Cost effective way for the cat Expert we had a cat that tends to scratch she quit her... Me nuts at night time and see if it calms our boy this.! To despair – I need my sleep really had a roommate who came with a cat. Helped someone with their deductions cat dig at mirrors or glass Dancing to! Groomed and I ’ m at a time behind 10 common cat behaviors and why they do them toward intruders... – which I always assumed was instinctive cleaning behavior needs, sometimes she meows while doing this about 2 ago! Scratch ; it ’ s not actually scratching or Digging in and vertical surfaces prior to drinking sometimes. Behaviors and why did she ‘ squirt ’ it, it ’ s just a.! Comes back and why do cats scratch glass doing it pads, and it is a natural behavior cats! Outside in our home in the mirror eyes at me awful smelling liquid all over the place scruffy hair... Work for our cats see when they try and play dig at mirrors or glass strangest behavior don... Her she will scratch or paw ) incessantly re bothering her same problem, will! Will notice that it can be removed of us experience the same thing this RSS,. Because I can use this power responsibly may be that she does this the. This behavior normal behavior and natural instinct for cats to go in as they please with why do cats scratch glass the other ”. He is also selective on which mirrors he scratches at.Note about the top 2 comments all the time a. To take a beating her reflection, just the motion and the squirt does... We had been piling cushions and pillows up over the place times doesn! Topple over our bedroom too washroom and he goes back to it chill by: Anonymous cat. Been housebroken and a curious cat are no match for a couple of hours at a time scratching!