What’s practical about Inception is that it lets us be very responsive when we’re live on air so we can quickly change themes and stories on the fly and bring in interviewees. This opens in a new window. QNews provides a robust and reliable solution for full-scale newsroom computer system (NRCS) functionality, with a full range of multi-user newsroom production, administration and management tools. See how Inception can easily repurpose content across shows and platforms to increase efficiency and cut down publishing time. Inception is a newsroom system that allow you to discover and get stories as they happen. The key factors in choosing the right newsroom system for a given situation can vary. var addy79191 = 'sales' + '@'; From direct messages to group conversations, users can easily collaborate with other team members on any piece of content. Breaking news and press updates about Key Software Systems and its suite of market-leading courier dispatch and logistics software solutions. Roy Irvine of Vela Software Group has long been concerned all levels of management, including the board, don’t recognise the value of geological data as well as they should. Learn more…, Organize your team and centralize planning efforts using Inception’s highly customizable planning calendar for story and resource tracking. MultiViewers: Ultriscape The Newsroom. NewsBoss leads the way with... Microsoft ceased providing updates and support for the Windows 7 and Windows 2008R2 operating systems on January 14, 2020. NewsBoss MoJo™ is the new generation mobile journalism tool for iOS and Android devices. The Newsroom. The products had to do what they did today, well, and they did that. Focus on fraud management. But some criteria are... NewsBoss is the product of more than 20 years expertise and constant development. NewsBoss centralized the location of audio, streamlined editing and the prompter feature allowed newscasters to self-engineer. Newsroom Management Advice to Help You Start the Year Off On the Right Foot. The keys to reducing software license spending are application configuration optimization, recycling software licenses and by using software asset management (SAM) tools. We are radio professionals who understand the demands of the industry. Newsroom. Many organizations can cut spending on software by as much as 30 percent by implementing three software license optimization best practices, according to research from Gartner, Inc. I’ve worked with several software programs. The first step is a consultation with a member of our sales team or one of our certified Ross resellers to discuss the specific needs of your organization. Inception met our complete content production requirements and instructional needs. NewsBoss is a brilliantly conceived software program. KLZ Newsroom 5™ provides all the tools needed to produce your show, from creation through presentation, without ever having to leave the application. Browse through our Newsroom for press releases to see what's new with the leading business management software for landscaping. Cameras: ACIDCam | PIVOTCam Master Control Systems: MC1 Read the latest updates on how we’re breaking new paths in hotel-tech and adding new customers along the way. I can do the work of two or three people by myself and, since we are such a small staff, that makes life a lot easier. Media Asset Management: Streamline Graphics | Streamline Production Superdesk is an end-to-end content creation, production, curation, distribution and publishing newsroom software. Emphasize the ecosystem. Newsroom. Since installation there has been virtually no need for support, and on these rare occasions, vendor responsiveness There’s a lot happening at Knowcross. Routing Systems: NK Series | Ultrix Series | Ultricool| Ultricore Control System This email address is being protected from spambots. Learn more…, Inception is ready for enterprise level management with a variety of supported databases, LDAP and SNMP support. Now I’m spoiled and never want to use anything else. Visit Wrike's newsroom for latest news, reports, mentions, and product releases of the work management tool. Since that date, technical assistance and software updates (including security patches) from... NewsBoss is offering a unique upgrade opportunity for customers replacing AP NewsDesk, which AP will no longer support after January 1, 2020. We’ve been pleased with the technical support and ease of installation and deployment. Start with the story. Watch the video…, Inception is easy to use. Fairfax Radio Network Converts to NewsBoss, Microsoft Operating System Lifecycles Ending, Postponed to September 29 - October 1 due to COVID-19. Breaking news and press updates about Key Software Systems and its suite of market-leading courier dispatch and logistics software solutions. I was a devotee of my previous news system... but after using NewsBoss for several months I see that it has a LOT of advantages: it's easier to learn, easier to use, and seems to work much faster. Experience the most powerful, reliable, configurable and user friendly system available backed by the industry's best support services. I have reporters in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C and Dallas, every time zone in the country and you have ALWAYS been available at the first sign of any question a reporter has. The simplicity and stability of NewsBoss, along with the flexibility to meet custom requirements, made it the obvious choice. NewsBoss MoJo - New Generation Mobile Journalism NewsBoss MoJo™ is the new generation mobile journalism tool for iOS and Android devices. Octopus X is an extremely flexible, reliable and user friendly newsroom computer system. Robotic Camera Systems: Studio Robotic Camera Systems | Remote Camera Systems for Live Events Typical factors include feature sets, ongoing support and value for money. WorkAxle has launched its cloud-based workforce scheduling software designed to help organizations centralize their employee management and operational processes in one place. document.getElementById('cloak79191').innerHTML += '' +addy79191+'<\/a>'; Version 6.7 News anchors can swipe between stories and even control timing of the show. Fruit growers around the world are making better use of their time, money, and resources thanks to Hectre, an orchard management software co-founded by University of Auckland alumnus Matty Blomfield.Hectre brings to one place a core set of tools designed for growers that are simple to use and accessible for all. Everyone, from finance leaders to travel managers, is fighting to reduce rogue spending and other fraudulent activity, and many travel and expense software vendors are following suit – enhancing current capabilities and launching individual products to help in the fight. The designers of NewsBoss clearly understand broadcasting, for the software addresses every production issue confronting a major market, all-news operation broadcasting seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Learn more…. //-->\n. Eliminate printing and reflect changes in real time when using Inception on a tablet. Sign-up for the Ross Insider. Free upgrades are available for all previously installed Axis network … The latest release version of NewsBoss is V6.7.r11.15, released in December 2020. From the moment we took part in the demo with the Ross team, we knew that we had to have it. document.getElementById('cloak79191').innerHTML = ''; Managing a newsroom is no easy feat. Horizon will allow users to search, share and drag content across newsrooms from the same browser window. Read more…, We needed a system that offered the ability to stay ahead of that curve. A powerful news gathering tool and social media manager, all in one place. Using a delivery management software to offer last mile delivery to customers is a good way to improve business operations. ESET named a Top Player in Radicati’s ‘Endpoint Security’ Market Quadrant for third year running as Endpoint Security Market continues to boom 19 October 2020. Whether you are an analogue facility, a fully digital facility or operating in a hybrid environment, NewsBoss is built to meet your needs. Read the latest updates on how we’re breaking new paths in hotel-tech and adding new customers along the way. NewsBoss is simple, easy to learn, easy to teach, and imminently adaptable. Learn more…, Production Switchers: Acuity | Carbonite Ultra | TouchDrive | Carbonite Black | Graphite | Carbonite Black Solo Social Media: Inception Social Control Systems: OverDrive | DashBoard | PowerPlay | Lightning (LCS) Watch the video…, It’s a real meeting of minds between Sky and Ross, and I think it will be a very long and fruitful relationship. Thankyou NewsBoss. After a quarter of a century, NewsBoss is used in over 30 countries... Australia's leading national news-talk network, the Fairfax Radio Network, has converted to NewsBoss to power all of its newsrooms, some of its flagship talk programs, and to provide news content... KUOW Seattle has joined the growing number of public broadcasting stations using NewsBoss to create their news and programs. Signal Processing: openGear | Newt | GearLite | Nielsen® Encoders | Raptor | Gator News happens quickly and users are turning to web and social media to get the news. See how Inception can easily repurpose content across shows and platforms to increase efficiency and cut down publishing times. It’s extremely easy to understand and use. Inception News Overview Video. Desk-Net Newsroom Software Features Features NewsBoss is the best tool possible for broadcast professionals. CG & Graphics Systems: PIERO | XPression Trusted by landscapers to … Press Releases. addy79191 = addy79191 + 'newsboss' + '.' + 'com'; Engage your viewers with interactive polls and ability to search social media in real time. Production Cloud: Interstellar EASY SOFTWARE has been providing standard solutions for the audit-proof archiving and management of documents and information from ERP systems for more than 20 years. NewsBoss MoJo - New Generation Mobile Journalism, Operations Manager Radiate Media/Cumulus Broadcasting, Dallas, Senior News Editor Capitol Public Radio, Sacramento, News Director and AM Drive Co-Host KABC, Los Angeles, Program Director Newsradio 750 KXL, Portland, Program Director KDKA NewsTalk 1020, Pittsburgh, Anchor/Reporter Capitol Public Radio, Sacramento, PO Box 277 Lindfield  NSW  2070 Australia. And in that timeframe, it has done the same for SAP systems as well. SAI Global is pleased to announce that Modulo Risk Manager, the market leading IT governance, risk and compliance technology solution purchased last year, has been formally brought into their existing suite of risk management software offerings under the name 'IT Risk Manager'. NewsBoss has helped us better organize the entire newsroom workflow process, saving us time and effort in writing, researching, organizing and editing all our news products. LED Video Processors: Mosaic var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; NOTÍCIAS NOTÍCIAS 05 March 2020 Sofitel London Heathrow turn around their daily operations with Knowcross Veja mais 12 February 2020 Knowcross selected as a Qualified Vendor for Choice Hotels Veja mais 3 February 2020 2019 in Review: The Year That Was